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Achikha in Hebrew, “your brother,” but where is he now?

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Oh, yeah, it was all deliberate — I’d write concerning the 52nd anniversary of the assault on the united statesLiberty by Israel, the next cover-up, and alas, half a century of Israel and the Jewish state of Mind holding sway over a lot of the Western world, definitely here in the USA and Canada. Massive impetus to research other false flags, yet, life will get in the best way. Educating youth in special schooling — youngsters with interventions, conduct plans, studying and retention plans. If only the elites and not so elite knew what’s going on in America, in the lecture rooms, with overtaxed academics, mother and father which are checked out and famished for their very own self-agency and self-worth.

Youngsters in highschool, needing mentors, and then, bam, first graders with all types of studying blocks. Increasingly youngsters with bodily illnesses. And, nicely, the beat doesn’t go on, if you already know what I imply. High school youngsters who don’t know the historical past of Israel, Nakba, and positively nothing concerning the Vietnam Conflict, Korea, WWI & II, and, the united statesLiberty?

Emancipation from stupidity, though, shouldn’t be the purview of the poor and misbegotten and hick and small-town worker. It goes to the highest, elite (sic) people in media, schooling, board rooms. You gained’t hear something concerning the murders of these sailors by Israel. No eye for an eye fixed by Yankees or rebels.

Fifty two years, on June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American naval vessel USS Liberty in international waters, and tried to sink it.

After checking the Liberty out for eight hours – and making 9 overflights with Israeli jets, inside 200 ft … shut sufficient for the pilots and the sunbathing Liberty sailors on deck to waive at one another.

But the Israelis attacked it with Mirage fighter jets, torpedoes and napalm. The united statesLiberty suffered 70% casualties, with 34 killed and 174 wounded.

The Israeli attack spanned two hours … so long as the attack on Pearl Harbor. The air attack alone lasted roughly 25 minutes: consisting of greater than 30 sorties by roughly 12 separate planes using napalm, cannon, and rockets which left 821 holes within the ship. The Israelis fired 30mm cannons and rockets into the boat.

Oh, and the media, oh the media, overlaying up a lot concerning the attack. And a fee, launched in 2003, but there’s nary a word within the Mainstream Media, and we marvel why?


Capitol Hill, October 2003. It is a historic event. An unbiased, blue-ribbon fee is to launch its findings from an investigation into an internationally vital 36-year-old assault on a US Navy ship that left more than 200 American sailors killed or wounded.

The fee consists of:

  • A former ambassador to one of the US’s most essential allies
  • A US Navy rear admiral and former head of the Navy’s legal division
  • A Marine basic, America’s highest rating recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the previous Assistant Commandant of Marines
  • A US Navy four-star admiral, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Employees (the very best army place within the nation), former Chief of Naval Operations, a World Warfare II hero, and the one Naval admiral to have commanded each the Pacific and the Atlantic fleets

The superb group, If People Knew, largely spearheaded by Alison Weir, covers this abomination:

This extraordinarily high-ranking commission was reporting on the 1967 Israeli assault on the united statesLiberty. Many analysts consider that the Liberty assault could possibly be Israel’s undoing – at the very least as far as US help is worried – if People knew the information about it.

But they don’t. Here’s why:

A search of a whole lot of the most important news media on this nation indexed by Lexis-Nexis does not flip up a single US newspaper that mentioned this fee, a single US tv station, a single US radio station, a single US journal. While it was mentioned in an Associated Press report specializing in one of many fee’s most dramatic revelations, Lexis reveals only a sprinkling of stories media printed info from this AP report, and people few that that did failed to say this commission itself, its extremely star-studded composition, and everything of its findings.

Aside from a couple of members of the choice press and the superb Washington Report on Center East Affairs (not listed by Lexis), this fee may as nicely not have existed as far as a lot of the US media is worried – and subsequently, the American public.

For 2 documentaries on the Israeli illegal assault and murders of US sailors,  go here, and here!

Then, I used to be going to riff with some “new” FBI paperwork released, on the Dancing Israelis, and I am not talking about “I want I used to be a rich man” Zero Mostel.

Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Mild on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Assaults, by Whitney Webb

New info released by the FBI has brought recent scrutiny to the likelihood that the “Dancing Israelis,” at the least two of whom have been recognized Mossad operatives, had prior information of the attacks on the World Trade Middle.

FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

The united statesLiberty another time, however this time, greater than 3,000 killed within the so referred to as September 11, 2001 “attacks,” and then numerous hundreds of thousands killed, maimed, imprisoned, starved, renditioned, and sickened by means of the coalition of the killing, err, prepared. Right here, read on for this unrecognized commemoration of the dying of all those sailors!

But, in both state of affairs, Sivan Kurzberg had simulated the burning of the World Commerce Middle the day before the attacks happened. That the FBI concluded that Kurzberg was get together to a Mossad surveillance operation on the time of his arrest would then recommend that Israeli intelligence also had foreknowledge of the assaults.

Notably, the related section of the FBI report that asks “1. Did the Israeli nationals have foreknowledge of the occasions at WTC and have been they filming the events previous to and in anticipation of the explosion?” is redacted in its entirety, suggesting that the FBI did not decide the answer to that query to be an emphatic “no.”

And, Benjamin Netanyahu, knew what would occur ahead of the September 11, 2001 assaults. What an ally, what a fantastic Israel First Nation this place has turn out to be the previous 70 plus years!

One of the detained “Dancing Israelis,” Omer Marmari, advised police the next about why he seen the September 11 attacks in a constructive mild: ” Israel now has hope that the world will now understand us. People are naïve and America is straightforward to get inside. There usually are not lots of checks in America. And now America might be harder about who will get into their nation.”

Then, I received derailed watching the dramatization of what occurred during, round, and in the case of the Central Park Jogger and the railroading of 5 harmless youth of shade who have been tried, prosecuted and located responsible (slammed into jail) by way of the New York media, by way of the pigs within the police drive, with the assistance of the larger pigs within the DA’s office, all aided and abetted by the New York Submit, dozens of other newspapers, and the most important pig of all of them, Donald Delirium Tremens Trump.

It’s just disgusting,” sighs Ava DuVernay.

The Oscar-nominated filmmaker and TV showrunner is discussing the position of President Donald Trump in the Central Park Five case, whereby 5 teenage boys of shade—Korey Sensible, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, and Raymond Santana—have been falsely convicted of the 1989 rape and harsh assault of Trisha Meili, a white investment banker, and subsequently spent as much as 14 years in jail.

At the time Trump, then a PR-hungry NYC real estate baron who sometimes served as his personal publicist, sensed a chance for some headlines and inserted himself into the case, inflaming racial tensions with frequent feedback to news packages along with newspaper advertisements, bought for $85,000, calling the boys “crazed misfits” and urging the state of New York to “convey back to the dying penalty,” primarily calling for their pre-trial execution. He concluded: “Perhaps hate is what we’d like if we’re gonna get one thing achieved.”

Extra shenanigans with elite New York white Jewish tradition, the prosecutor in that mendacity case, Fairstein, who went on to become profitable with trashy crime novels. To today, like fourth grade mentally challenged Trump, she too believes the lies, her personal:

And it’s one other felon who performs this Fairstein —

Felicity Huffman and Linda Fairstein, former head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan DA's office.

And then, the opposite elite Jewish white lady who additionally prosecuted the case, Elizabeth Lederer.

As The Occasions famous, Lederer has a lengthy authorized historical past of unchallenged instances, although she’s largely recognized for her involvement within the Central Park 5’s case. Lederer is not discussing the case in public; she did not comment on the petition in 2013.

Although Lederer has made nearly no public feedback on her position in the case because the trial ended, archived articles present the trial was an emotionally charged affair, for apparent causes. The Los Angeles Occasions notes that Korey Sensible, one of many 5, stated to Lederer after he was given his sentence, “You’re going to pay for this. Jesus is going to get you. You made this . . . up.”

Elizabeth lederer

I assume I am on a roll, right here, since someone sent me this about another Jewish white elite female, this time with the US Supreme Courtroom, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She first sent me a month ago the Netflix information tag on Ginsburg’s life vis-a-vis a CNN documentary, RBG after which the film, On the Foundation of Sex:

But no quantity of swag or hagiography can obscure the fact that, while Ginsburg is chargeable for a large number of landmark authorized selections, her legacy may be sorely tarnished by one really terrible one: refusing to retire when President Barack Obama might have named her alternative. That call came into stark aid this month when Ginsburg fell and broke three ribs—and half of the nation took a collective gasp. Ladies took to Twitter to supply the justice a rib.

The broken ribs should have mushed her right here, for positive, as this previous woman just put a number of million ft in her mouth:

Supreme Courtroom Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg praised Justice Brett Kavanaugh in her ready remarks at Friday’s Second Circuit Judicial Convention. She noted that after Kavanaugh was confirmed the number of female Supreme Courtroom clerks reached an all-time excessive, given his staffing decisions.

Quote: “Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female regulation clerk crew. Because of his choices, the Courtroom has this Term, for the first time ever, extra ladies than males serving as regulation clerks. Ladies did not fare almost as well as advocate. Solely about 21-percent of the attorneys presenting oral argument this Term have been female; of the 34 attorneys who appeared more than once, only six have been ladies.”

Superb, the demise star of American elites, east coast Ivy League Lepers —


Ginsburg, what a piece of nothing! And the sad sack demon-crats march her out as some hero!

MANY OF US who watched Thursday’s Senate hearing spent a lot of the time cataloguing Supreme Courtroom nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s lies. After hours of testimony, during which Christine Blasey Ford answered questions on her alleged sexual assault, the financing behind her lie detector check, and whether she was actually afraid of flying, viewers have been handled to more hours of testimony from Kavanaugh, a federal decide who struggled to offer a single straight reply.

Kavanaugh strained credulity when he argued earlier than the Senate Judiciary Committee that the “Satan’s Triangle” — a phrase that appeared on his high school yearbook page — referred to a consuming recreation, a definition which, before Thursday, you’d have a tough time finding anyplace. (It truly refers to a intercourse act involving two males and a lady). He additionally unabashedly claimed that the time period “boof” is a reference to “flatulence,” somewhat than different butt stuff, and that “ralph,” which suggests to vomit —implicitly from the overconsumption of alcohol — was a reference to Kavanaugh’s weak stomach.

I assume all of this speaks to a little bit of sensitivity around white patriarchy/matriarchy and white dominance, eating away at the soul of us, the 80 %. I assume I’ve to square how it is that an elite tremendous minority and so many in that tribe are superior to anybody else on the planet, in their own minds at that, has held sway over much of my very own life in schooling, social providers, journalism, and publishing.

This is statement, however in right now’s Stephen Miller-Alan Dershowitz  world, with all of the backing of the ADL, anybody who dares point out the elitism and the tribalism and the facility clique that defines American Judaism, properly, the previous canard, anti-Semite, comes popping out of clicking tongues.

One thing raw, now that I am working to help a veteran who ended up renting an condo in Wilsonville, Oregon, at age 70, with an amputation from the knee down, and using a wheelchair. He has main eye issues, which have led to vision and pain in his eyes. He is in an condo that has two steps that forestall him from utilizing a flat floor to go in and out of the abode. He’s fallen twice on sod, making an attempt to maneuver the wheelchair to the parking zone. He lives alone, doesn’t drive and knows no one on the condo complicated. I acquired him providers while working as his social employee in that nefarious place, the Hunger Military.

He is nearly on the whim of people to return and assist him get out of his house landing onto cement. He has medical appointments several occasions every week, an extended trip from Wilsonville to the VA in Portland.

The condominium complicated is being run by the most important multi-family property management company within the USA (self advertised) referred to as Pinnacle Property Management. I’ve despatched letters and emails to upper management, however to no avail. So has he. The dialogue about lodging — putting down a flat walkway from his sliding again door, about 20 ft — has became a case of this multi-billion greenback outfit telling him they’ll do it however at a cost of $5,300. We’re being talked right down to by the Portland workplace, some lower ranking one that has zero empathy for the state of affairs, however is obvious to quote in reverse logic the state of Oregon’s truthful housing laws, which she uses to protect her asinine attitudes.

He’s on a hard and fast revenue and was homeless. The concept the condo complicated is now managed by this outfit, so the proprietor(s) can cover behind their skirts, is typical of the American Penury Society. They’ve cited truthful housing laws in an Orwellian means — “If we put in the walkway at our expense on your shopper, that may be unfair to other tenants . . . . Then everybody asking for us to pay for an lodging we’d should oblige.”

I’ve advocated for the veteran since this veteran is non-confrontational and is traumatized at having to be apartment-bound for greater than two months endlessly. I have informed these nefarious people that, (a) a brand new concrete pathway for the one ground flooring house with a two-step state of affairs can be an enhancement to THEIR property in perpetuity. Then, (b) I defined the apparent: Anybody renting the condo in the future, when my veteran leaves, would have the advantage of getting some handicapped accommodation in the case of a wheelchair sure tenant, or an injured tenant or somebody in need of a walker or crutch or cane, or perhaps a household with a new child in a carriage.

Since I used to be already stewing across the Dancing Israelis and the Jewish State of Israel’s assault on our personal individuals, sailors; and because the Central Park Five have been prosecuted by two Jewish ladies, nicely, I was traumatized a bit. I appeared up the administration of Pinnacle, and alas, the higher ups — lots of them — are self-proclaimed working towards Jews:

Eric Schwabe, Government Vice President – Western Division

Woody Stone, Government Vice President – Japanese Division

Jason Straub, Methods Training Supervisor

Deb Kopolow, Regional Vice President

Avery Solomon, Vice President – Shopper Providers

Seth Kaplan, Regional Advertising Director

You realize, not one of the above individuals have replied to my respectful and clear emails or letters asking them to be each ethical and group oriented when eager about my former shopper and now my good friend.

I have checked out their inner documents, Propaganda movies and advertising net pages, and arms down, these individuals parade out a litany of BS about how humane and resident targeted they are!

Pinnacle is a privately held organization that manages multifamily properties nationwide. Established in 1980, we are one of the largest multifamily administration corporations in america with a portfolio of over 172,000 models and four,300 staff members. Our shoppers embrace pension funds, personal partnerships, international buyers, insurance corporations, lenders, particular servicers, syndicators, authorities businesses and excessive internet value individuals.

I’ve come to my wits finish, in this emotionally and economically cursing society, with the One % and the Point Zero One % having for too many centuries controlled the destinies of the plenty. Having studied a few of the Jewish tradition with radical Jewish pals 45 years in the past, I am all the time T-boned by the unfeeling and usury-based prevailing attitudes of the rich, both gentile (goyim) and Jew or Arab Prince!

Here, some contradictions to the concept money is the lifeblood of so many, especially the millionaires and billionaires — Mammon was an historic god who was worshiped by pagans for riches, cash and wealthy. Counterpoint to that:

The overarching Jewish angle toward the poor is greatest summed up by a single phrase of the biblical textual content: achikha (your brother). With this word, the Torah  insists on the dignity of the poor, and it commands us to resist any temptation to view the poor as by some means totally different from ourselves.

The idea of human dignity is well-ingrained in Judaism. The e-book of Genesis describes human beings as created “b’tzelem elokim” in the image of God (1:26). At the very least one early Rabbi considers one of many verses expressing this concept to be an important verse in the Torah (Sifra Okay’dosbim 2:4). The insistence that human beings are creations in the divine image implies that any insult to a person, by extension, is an affront to God. In reminding us that the poor individual is our sibling, the Torah emphasizes that, like us, this individual is a manifestation of the divine picture and ought to be handled as such.

A rabbinic story tells a few group of people traveling in a ship. One passenger takes out a drill and begins drilling a hole beneath his seat. The other passengers, quite understandably, complain that this action might trigger the boat to sink. “Why should this hassle you?” this man responds, I am only drilling underneath my very own seat.” The others retort, “But the water will stand up and flood the ship for all of us!” (Vayikra Rabbah four:6). The moral of this story is obvious: one individual’s damaging motion might actually drown the complete group. But we’d add that the inverse can also be true: a single constructive change might rework a whole group. Thus, the alleviation of poverty, even within the smallest detail, might help the group as an entire to flourish.

But Pinnacle or the Dancing Israelis or the New York prosecutors or any number of hundreds of elites and money-grubbing individuals and firms have zero understanding of the inspiration of the golden rule or Gandhi’s sins —

In 590 AD, Pope Gregory I unveiled an inventory of the Seven Deadly Sins – lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and satisfaction – as a method to hold the flock from straying into the thorny fields of ungodliness. Today though, for all however probably the most religious, Pope Gregory’s record appears less like a way to moral conduct than an outline of cable TV programming.

So as an alternative, let’s look to one of many saints of the 20th Century — Mahatma Gandhi. On October 22, 1925, Gandhi revealed an inventory he referred to as the Seven Social Sins in his weekly newspaper Young India.

Politics with out rules.
Wealth without work.
Pleasure with out conscience.
Information with out character.
Commerce with out morality.
Science with out humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.

The listing sprung from a correspondence that Gandhi had with someone only recognized as a “truthful pal.” He revealed the record without commentary save for the following line: “Naturally, the pal does not need the readers to know this stuff merely by means of the intellect but to know them via the guts so as to keep away from them.”

In contrast to the Catholic Church’s record, Gandhi’s record is expressly targeted on the conduct of the individual in society. Gandhi preached non-violence and interdependence and each single one in every of these sins are examples of selfishness profitable out over the widespread good.

It’s additionally an inventory that, if absolutely absorbed, will make the parents over on the US Chamber of Commerce and Ayn Rand Institute itch. In any case, “Wealth without work,” is a reasonably correct description of America’s 1%. (Investments ain’t work. Ask Thomas Piketty.) “Commerce with out morality” sounds so much like every single oil company on the market and “information with out character” describes half the hacks on cable information. “Politics without rules” describes the other half.