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At UN Session, US Empire in Decline and Global Solidarity on the Rise

At UN Session, US Empire in Decline and Global Solidarity on the Rise

Because the United Nations Common Assembly conducts its fall session, Common Resistance is in New York Metropolis for the Individuals’s Mobilization to Stop the US Warfare Machine and Save the Planet. Themes of the mobilization are connecting militarism and climate change and raising consciousness that america repeatedly violates worldwide legal guidelines, including the United Nations Charter. These legal guidelines are designed to facilitate peaceful relationships between nations and stop abuses of human rights. It’s time that the US be held accountable.

The Individuals’s Mobilization arose out of the Embassy Safety Collective after the US government raided the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC last Might in blatant violation of the Vienna Conference to put in a failed coup and arrested Embassy Protectors regardless that they have been within the embassy with the permission of the elected authorities of Venezuela. This was an escalation of US regime change efforts – the coup failed in Venezuela but the US acknowledged the coup leader and started turning Venezuela’s belongings over to him anyway. Members of the Collective sought to deliver the message that it is dangerous for the world and a menace to the future of all of us if the US continues on its lawless path.

Be a part of the Embassy Safety Defense Committee to arrange across the federal prosecution of the ultimate four Embassy Protectors and donate to their legal protection. Take action right here.

We participated in the Local weather Strike on Friday where our messages concerning the impression of US militarism on climate have been well-received. On Sunday, we held a rally in Herald Square and on Monday, we held a public occasion: “A Path to Worldwide Peace: Realizing the Imaginative and prescient of the United Nations Charter.” We have to build a world individuals’s motion that complements work the Non-Aligned Motion and others are doing to deliver nations collectively which are dedicated to upholding international regulation and take motion collectively to deal with international crises.

In entrance of the United Nations after the rally and march with our message (By Yuka Azuma).

The US Army is a Great Menace to our Future

We wrote concerning the connections between militarism and the climate disaster in our publication a couple of weeks ago so we gained’t go too deeply into these details right here. The US army is the most important single consumer of fossil fuels and creator of greenhouse gases on the planet.

It additionally leaves behind poisonous air pollution from burn pits and weapons corresponding to depleted uranium (DU). Using DU violates worldwide regulation, including the Organic Weapons Conference. As described in David Swanson’s article a few new research, which paperwork the horrific impression of DU on newborns in Iraq, “…every round of DU ammunition leaves a residue of DU dust on every part it hits, contaminating the encompassing space with poisonous waste that has a half-life of four.5 billion years, the age of our photo voltaic system, and turns every battlefield and firing vary right into a toxic waste website that toxins everybody in such areas.”

The US army poisons the air, land, and water at house too. Pat Elder, additionally with World Beyond Struggle, has been writing, speaking and organizing to boost consciousness of using Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) by the army across the US and the lethal results it has. Elder states that the army claims to have “sovereign immunity” from environmental legal guidelines. In different phrases, the US army can poison whomever and wherever it chooses without danger of authorized penalties.

As scary as the local weather crisis and a poisonous surroundings are, another existential menace is a nuclear conflict. The US army is upgrading its nuclear weapons so it could use them. The US Nationwide Security Strategy is “Nice Power Battle” and the new National Security Adviser to Trump, taking John Bolton’s place, Robert C. O’Brien, advocates for more army spending, a larger army and holding on to US international domination. These are harmful signs. How far is the US army prepared to go as US empire clings to its declining affect on the earth?

In “Iran, Hong Kong and the Desperation of a Declining US Empire,” Rainer Shea writes, “There’s a term that historians use for this reactive part that empires undergo throughout their remaining years: micro-militarism.” Alfred McCoy defines micro-militarism as “ill-advised army misadventures… [that] contain psychologically compensatory efforts to salve the sting of retreat or defeat by occupying new territories, nevertheless briefly and catastrophically.”

Micro-militarism is on display in Venezuela, the place the US has been making an attempt for 20 years to overthrow the Bolivarian Process without success. It’s on show in US antagonism of Iran, a country that has by no means attacked the US and that upheld its finish of the Joint Complete Plan of Action. When the US referred to as for nations to hitch its escalation of army presence in the Straits of Hormuz, there was little enthusiasm from European allies. And when the US tried in charge the attack on Saudi oil refineries on Iran, even Japan refused to go alongside. Now, Iran is collaborating in INSTEX, a mechanism for commerce that bypasses establishments controlled by the US.

Micro-militarism is manifested within the US’ failed attempts to antagonize China. With KJ Noh, we wrote an Open Letter to Congress, explaining why the Hong Kong Human Rights Act have to be stopped as it’s going to further entangle the US with Hong Kong and Mainland China, offering a foundation for US regime change marketing campaign there. As China celebrates 70 years as the Peoples Republic of China, which ended over a century of exploitation by imperialists, it is in a really robust position and indicates it has little interest in caving in to US strain. As an alternative, China is constructing its army and international relationships to rival US hegemony.

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese at the Individuals’s Mobe Rally (Photograph by Ellen Davidson).

Holding the US Accountable

Micro-militarism is a symptom of the ailing US empire. We’re in a interval where the US army and authorities behave in irrational ways, consuming US assets for wars and conflicts that can’t be gained as an alternative of utilizing them to satisfy primary wants of individuals and protection of the planet. The US is blatantly violating worldwide laws that make regime change, unilateral coercive measures (aka sanctions) and army aggression unlawful.

The US is conducting financial terrorism towards scores of nations via unlawful unilateral coercive measures (sanctions).  In the case of Cuba, the economic blockade goes back almost six many years because the nation overthrew a US-backed regime there. The US blockade value Cuba $4.three billion in 2019, and near $1 trillion over the previous six many years, considering depreciation of the dollar. In Iran, sanctions have existed since their independence from the Shah of Iran’s US dictatorship in 1979 and in Zimbabwe, sanctions return to land reform that occurred firstly of this century. The USA is conducting ongoing regime change campaigns in a number of nations amongst them Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran and now Bolivia.

The US can also be abusing its energy as the host country of the United Nations by ordering diplomats in another country for spurious reasons and curtailing the travel of diplomats of countries the US is concentrating on. This week, the US ordered two Cuban diplomats to go away the USA. The rationale was obscure; i.e., their “attempts to conduct influence operations towards the US.” This undefined phrase might imply virtually anything and places all diplomats at risk if they converse within the US outdoors of the UN. We anticipate this is one purpose diplomatic representatives from a few of the nations that deliberate to participate within the Monday night time occasion stayed away.

Venezuela’s Overseas Minister Jorge Arreaza was the primary Overseas Minister to be sanctioned whereas he was in the USA on official business.  Arreaza was sanctioned on April 25, simply after he spoke to the United Nations Basic Meeting as a consultant of the Non-Aligned Movement denouncing the US’ makes an attempt to remove representatives of the sovereign nation of Venezuela from the UN.

On July 30, the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s overseas minister Javad Zarif saying he was targeted as a result of he is a ‘key enabler of Ayatollah Khamenei’s insurance policies.’  Does that mean the Overseas Minister was punished for representing Iran? When Zarif came to the UN for official enterprise this July 14, the US took the weird step of severely proscribing his journey, limiting him to journey between the United Nations, the Iranian UN mission, the Iranian UN ambassador’s residence, and New York’s John F. Kennedy Worldwide Airport. Historically, diplomatic officials have been allowed a 25-mile radius around Columbus Circle. The US stated Zarif “is a mouthpiece of an autocracy that suppresses free speech” and suppressed his freedom of speech in response.

As the USA becomes extra brazen and ridiculous in its attempts to stay in control, it is driving other nations to show away from the US and arrange around it. There are growing requires the United Nations to think about leaving the US and reestablish itself in a location the place the US can’t sanction individuals for its own political functions. Maybe there’s a need for a new worldwide institution that does not enable US domination.

Civil society panel on the Path to International Peace occasion (by Ellen Davidson).

Individuals are Uniting For Peace, Safety and Sustainable Improvement 

The US’ actions point to the necessity for peace and justice activists to construct a world network to demand the upholding the rule of regulation. Common Resistance and its allies are contributing to the formation of that transnational solidarity structure by way of the brand new International Attraction for Peace.

This July, delegations from 120 nations of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) united to oppose US policy towards Venezuela and demand an finish to sanctions as a part of The Caracas Declaration.  NAM was founded in 1961 and the UN Basic Secretary described the importance of the movement highlighting that “two-thirds of the United Nations members and 55% of the world’s population” are represented by it, making it the second-largest multinational body on the earth after the UN.

From August 29 by means of September 6, 38 nations and a whole lot of overseas and native corporations participated in Syria’s 61st Damascus Worldwide Truthful regardless of the threat of US economic sanctions towards firms and nations that participated. The Damascus International Truthful is taken into account the Syrian financial system’s window to the world, re-started in 2017 after a 5-year hiatus because of the conflict towards Syria. Regardless of a NATO bombing of the Truthful in 2017, individuals stored coming and the Truthful has continued.

Nations are additionally working to seek out ways around US economic warfare by not using the US greenback or the US financial business to conduct commerce. China is challenging the US by investing $400 billion in Iran’s oil and fuel business over 25 years and has added $3 billion investment in Venezuelan oil in 2019. Russia has additionally allied with Venezuela offering army gear, and porting Navy ships in Venezuela in addition to offering personnel. France has referred to as on the EU to reset its relationship with Russia, and Germany and Russia are starting to work together to protect the Iran nuclear agreement.

The International Attraction for Peace is uniting individuals to demand of our governments of their interactions with all nations – for the sake of world peace, worldwide security and peaceful co-existence  – to respect the rules of the United Nations Constitution and to comply with and defend worldwide regulation. The International Attraction urges individuals to right away be a part of this initiative and assist redirect the world toward an period of worldwide stability and cooperation.

Signal on to the International  Attraction for Peace: Take motion to inform your authorities to respect and uphold the United Nations Constitution as a software for maintaining peace, guaranteeing human rights and protecting the sovereignty of countries.

We seek to construct a transnational motion that’s multi-layered. Individuals and organizations from civil society representing totally different sectors, e.g. laborers, teachers, docs, legal professionals, engineers, as well as representatives of governments impacted by violations of worldwide regulation by america, want to hitch together. The seeds of such a community have been planted and are sprouting. If this transnational network develops and the rule of regulation is strengthened internationally, we will achieve the objectives of peace, financial sustainability, and human rights and mitigate the impacts of a dying empire gone rogue.

Watch part of the Individuals’s Mobe Rally here:

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