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Casio vs. Yamaha Keyboards 2019: Best Digital Pianos Today?

Is this Casio PX-770 one of the Best Digital Pianos Under $1,000

Shopping for a digital piano isn’t for the weak-hearted.  So many choices exist in the digital instrument world.  Making a remaining selection might be time-consuming and only a bit overwhelming for a neophyte.  So I’m going to aim that will help you by performing some comparisons between widespread Casio and Yamaha keyboards—two wonderful, respected brands.

Listed here are a number of the things it is best to think about earlier than you buy any digital piano or keyboard:

  • Worth
  • Area obtainable for the instrument
  • Instrument options required
  • Instrument features that may be fun
  • Other requirements/preferences

To raised provide help to, please use the interactive table under to immediately examine a few of the prime keyboards available on the market towards each other.


Most people develop a finances for a digital piano/keyboard.  You should determine if you wish to pay the entire retail worth up front, or when you want to make payments on a costlier instrument.  A high quality digital keyboard could be bought for as little as $200-$300, in the event you shop rigorously.  A high quality digital piano on the low-dollar finish will value in the $1,000 vary and up.  A high quality console digital piano with multiple options will doubtless run about $2,000 and up.

You are the just one who can determine your piano-buying finances.  Select correctly!

The Significance of Area

Let’s face it: most house dwellers simply can’t put a big grand piano in their dwelling rooms.  Apart from wrecking your visitors patterns in the house, it might also wreck your neighbor relationships whenever you determine to play Beethoven at 2:00 a.m.! (Until you play really, rather well!  Then your neighbors may respect…no, I don’t assume so.)

Digital pianos can clear up the house challenge.  Until you determine upon one of many massive hybrid digital grands, nearly any console digital piano/keyboard will slot in all but the smallest flats.  Even within the smallest condominium a transportable digital piano could be utilized, though it’d take quite a lot of establishing and tearing down.

In the event you occupy a home, the difficulty turns into smaller however still ought to be thought-about.  Make sure that the instrument you select matches into your house, wherever you reside and wherever you determine to place your piano.

Under, please take a moment to view a few of the greatest selling digital pianos on Amazon:

  1. Yamaha P-125
  2. Casio PX-160
  3. Yamaha DGX-660
  4. Yamaha YDP-164
  5. Casio PX-870

Key Instrument Features Required

It is best to determine what piano features you completely should have, regardless of which instrument you select.  Weighted keys? Three-pedal mechanism? Giant view display? Although most trendy digital pianos come outfitted with Bluetooth and MIDI capability, are these features something that you simply MUST have?  Do you want a USB port to document and transport your personal music?  Do you need an instrument which you can tuck beneath your arm and take with you?

These decisions are yours, as a result of YOU are the one shopping for and using the digital piano/keyboard.  So make an inventory of the options you absolutely can’t reside without and comply with that listing once you select your instrument.

Instrument features that may be enjoyable

I doubt that anybody actually wants 1000 voice options on a digital instrument.  However they may be fun!  Perhaps you need to play around with world music and love the thought of tons of of rhythm types to choose from.  Perhaps you’re all about SFX sounds and would like to have an instrument that provides you dozens if not lots of of decisions of those unique sounds.

Add your “can be enjoyable” ideas to your “absolutely should have” listing and take the listing with you whenever you buy groceries.  The faintest ink is best than the most effective memory.  Or perhaps that ought to read “the dumbest sensible telephone app is best than the most effective reminiscence.”  No matter the way you make your listing, make sure to take it with you if you hit the shops.

Other necessities/preferences

Plenty of people live in RV’s and motor houses these days.  These people should look for a digital piano or keyboard with sturdiness.  Fragile devices gained’t final long on the planet of full-time RV-ing.  In case your motorhome or RV is giant sufficient and you do choose a console piano, make sure it may be completely secured by way of your travels.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a want for a selected look to suit your residence décor, similar to fashion or wooden sort or colour.  Think about this factor if you store for a digital piano.  I happen to assume any type/colour piano fits any sort of décor, however that’s because I’m a piano fanatic.  Perhaps you want your instrument to dress up a room or blend in together with your décor.  That’s your proper and your selection. 

Perhaps you need a moveable instrument that can run off batteries in addition to house present.  Or maybe you need a moveable instrument that can be easily secured and separated from a stand so you’ll be able to depart it arrange at residence but nonetheless take the instrument with you.

All of this stuff are elements to think about when choosing a digital instrument.  You could have others that I haven’t considered, so write them down!

Comparing Casio to Yamaha

Let’s begin the fact-finding by evaluating two brands to each other: Casio vs. Yamaha.  

Casio developed the “Grand Hybrid” key system for their most superior digital pianos.  This technique consists of precise picket keys working on a pivot level as acoustic pianos do.  It also utilizes a lot of shifting elements that perform as an acoustic piano does, but incorporates digital know-how slightly than strings. The keys are full size which leads to a touch just like a grand piano—a function for which most pianists can be most grateful.

Casio additionally prides itself on the “damper resonance” developed for their most superior fashions of digital pianos.  This resonance mimics the whole-body resonance of a live performance grand piano:  strings vibrating sympathetically when close by strings are struck by the hammers and resonance within the wood of the grand piano.  Casio managed to pattern this damper resonance and incorporate it into their best instruments.

Casio GP-500

Casio’s digital pianos have come a great distance from the little toy keyboards the Casio company produced 40 years ago.  Even of their low-end digital pianos, the Casio company proves that it is critical about manufacturing wonderful digital instruments that may lend lovely sound and appears to your house. 

Their high-end GP-500 digital piano retails for about $6,000.  Their lower-end digital pianos—the PX collection, start at about $900, without accessories.  

Casio AP-700

I really appreciated the Casio AP-700, a digital piano with integrated cabinetry and a Three-pedal mechanism.  This instrument retails for about $2500.  Once I played it, I observed immediately the damper resonance, something I admired on all the Casio pianos I performed that day.  The touch was mild and highly sensitive, a trait I want in a digital piano as properly.  

The keys seemed well-balanced and felt like picket keys, though I consider they’re truly simulated ebony and ivory.  This piano gives 26 numerous tones; though I didn’t sample all of them, the voices I sampled sounded genuine.  This piano is a superb selection for someone who needs the sound and feel of a piano and the versatility of a variety of great-sounding voices to experiment with and to layer.

The Great thing about Yamaha Clavinova Pianos

I’ve stated it earlier than and I’ll say it again: Yamaha manufactures my favorite digital piano collection, the Clavinova.  Whether you choose the low-end CLP-625 for about $2,000 or the high-end CVP-709GP that retails for $16,000-$21,000, you will all the time get your cash’s value from a Yamaha Clavinova.

Chances are you’ll ask, what makes the Clavinova collection such a great product?  One cause is the historical past of Yamaha pianos.  Yamaha has been making acoustic pianos for properly over 100 years.  They have been the primary within the enterprise to manufacture digital pianos, starting in 1983 with the CP 40, the first Clavinova.  

Yamaha has persistently upgraded its digital instruments to function the newest in digital sampling know-how.  Even the non-piano sounds have been sampled from Yamaha instruments—saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar, and so forth.  To put it merely, the Yamaha instrument manufacturers have the “road creds” with regards to digital pianos and keyboards.

Yamaha has created its personal version of “damper resonance” with their Digital Resonance Modeling (VRM) know-how.  This know-how utilizes all the resonation elements current in a live performance grand piano: damper resonance (from the pedal), string resonance, physique resonance, and aliquot resonance.  Aliquot resonation happens when additional, un-struck strings are added to the piano for elevated tonal quality and resonance.  

The additional strings are often larger in pitch than their companion strings, just like the six further strings of a 12-string guitar, however they’re never struck by the hammers.  Yamaha incorporates this colorful resonance to their digital pianos for a tone richness and vibrancy that seems unparalleled.

Yamaha additionally features Stereo Optimizer in its headphones perform that makes the sound look like it is coming from the piano, fairly than from the headphones.

Yamaha CVP 709

I beloved enjoying the CVP-709GP.  What a wonderful instrument!  It resembles a grand piano without taking over the amount of area of a grand.  It options a large eight ½ inch touch display and 1,270 voices.  This instrument has 37 drum/SFX kits sounds and 600 types of accompaniment. 

It also contains a hefty price tag at about $15,000.  However it might be the last piano-type instrument you’d ever need to buy.

Yamaha Clavinova CSP 150

My favourite Clavinova is the CSP-150, a stupendous instrument with clear, easy strains.  It retails for about $four,000, which doesn’t embrace the iPad or other tablet that a musician makes use of to regulate and access all the obtainable sounds and effects of this instrument.  

The Sensible Pianist app options an “Audio to Rating” perform that creates a piano accompaniment rating right from the music in your pill. The Sensible Lights present you which of them keys to strike to play alongside together with your favorite music. Yamaha added a Graded Hammer 3X know-how that mimics the action of a grand piano with its spring-less keys and heavier contact in the bass and lighter contact in the treble ends of the piano. 

I observed that Sensible Pianist app also features a Chord Tutor to help a budding pianist study chord buildings and learn how to use chords.  As a former personal piano teacher, I might have liked this function for my intermediate and advanced students learning chords!

So let’s slender this comparability down.  Putting my choice for Yamaha apart, I can fairly say that for nice sound and features at a practical worth, Casio does a terrific job placing together the options for a superb digital piano.   If you wish to purchase one of the best piano for the least sum of money, Casio may be the piano for you.

In case you’re prepared to spend a bit extra money on an instrument which will by no means have to be changed, then contemplate a Yamaha Clavinova.

Both of those manufacturers will present lasting enjoyment as you study to play the piano or advance your piano-playing expertise.  I give the sting to Yamaha because of my historical past with the brand.  Play each of them before YOU determine!

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