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DS Interview: Josiah Hughes (Blink-155 Podcast)

DS Interview: Josiah Hughes (Blink-155 Podcast)

Two Canadian sellouts started a podcast during which they talk about each single blink-182 music. They titled it Blink-155, named after the amount of songs the band had at the podcast’s inception. Two years in, Exclaim! journalist Josiah Hughes (also of Pre Nup) and main label shill Sam Sutherland (additionally of Junior Battles) are nicely past 100 episodes and make over $1,300 a month in Patreon help.

To resolve this mindless endeavor, I interrupted Hughes mid-settling in to his new Montreal condo to speak about if Dude Ranch is a unclean joke, being associates with the singer of Think about Dragons, and why he began a blink-182 podcast. You’ll be able to learn our dialogue under.

DS: You guys are two adult men with wives and full-time music business jobs who decided to start out a podcast about blink-182. Why?

Josiah: We each have associates who have finished actually cool issues and are very spectacular punk individuals – but we’ve got all the time tried to steer all of our conversations with them towards the topic of blink-182. We’ve been punishing everyone around us with these conversations for therefore lengthy that… at the very least for me, why I had to do it, was as a result of now I can simply have regular relationships with individuals and get it all out on this means.

DS: I really feel just like the podcast is absolutely propelled by internet culture in numerous ways and even your inside jokes work in the identical means memes do.

Josiah: Nicely, it is rather bizarre because the time proper now within the zeitgeist is like, just saying the word “blink-182” could be a punchline. That’s simply how lazy comedy has gotten. You’ll be able to simply be like, “Where are you?” [mimics Tom Delonge] on a publish and everybody’s like “oh my god, this is so relatable and good.” So that’s sort of like an unintentional aspect impact of it. Saying blink-182 out loud is like the new dabbing or one thing (laughs).

DS: Do you assume that humorousness – punishing individuals with blink-182 – is definitely serving to the podcast in reputation?

Josiah: That has undoubtedly helped. But I might hope there are individuals who take heed to the podcast as a result of they casually like blink-182 and then are like “oh, I can’t take heed to this.” I might hope that it alienates some individuals, because obviously it’s about a lot extra than just blink-182. I can’t converse for Sam too much, but I’m extremely online and my sense of humor could be very on-line and I’ve type of lost my mind a bit of bit from studying too much Twitter.

DS: Your trolliness has really type of worked its method into your guys’ success. My favourite [example] was when Dane Prepare dinner blocked you.

Josiah: (Laughs) Nicely the craziest one was – and I convey this up all the time – I was shit talking to Daniel Reynolds [of Imagine Dragons] after which he started like, chirping again. And then, from me shit speaking him on Twitter, he came on Blink-155 to speak about it. And now we’re like literally associates. Like I’m pals with the singer of Imagine Dragons because he was a superb sport, which is more than might be stated about a lot of people.

DS: That’s so nuts too. Like, what an odd connection to have.

Josiah: I assume once we first began we have been like “oh it’s gonna be about pop punk,” but the factor is blink-182 has [impacted] so many people, elements of culture, totally different sub genres and a lot of every thing. It really does feel like we’re still just scratching the surface of speaking about them.

DS: For considered one of your “sclusies” [Patreon Exclusives]you interviewed AJ DiGregorio from NASA about To The Stars Academy [Tom Delonge’s UFO-research organization]. What do you consider what Tom is doing, because lots of people assume he’s loopy.

Josiah: I feel even after speaking to a man that works at NASA and to precise, real journalists, I’m still just so blinded by my love of Tom that I need to consider what he’s doing is sweet and pure. I feel that he thinks he’s doing one thing nice, and I mean he’s undoubtedly doing something nice within the sense that it’s giant – the definition of “great” being giant – as a result of between that… I don’t know. I still assume that should you’re going to be the rich guy who acquired rich from writing songs about your dick, that’s a better option to spend the latter half of your life: starting an area tech exploration company. And I really didn’t understand this until starting the podcast, however I actually simply love Tom a lot. He’s just so ridiculous and one in every of a sort and unattainable to pigeonhole.

DS: He’s sort of the rationale blink-182 stopped being a pop punk band for slightly bit.

Josiah: Yeah, I feel that’s true. He also just, very rightfully so, acquired bored of the whole lot. Like that is sensible. It’s not pure to spend like 60 years or nevertheless long they’ve been a band enjoying “All The Small Issues” each night time.

Cowl for the “Free Punk Lyrics” comp, out there on Bandcamp.

DS: For people who don’t know, what is the Free Punk Lyrics comp and how did it come about?

Josiah: (Laughs) I all the time stated the rationale I couldn’t get into The Greatest Show is the episodes appeared so lengthy and I used to be missing all these inside jokes and didn’t perceive it. So I all the time needed Blink-155 to be very seeker-sensitive, and it’s became the identical thing where there’s like meta-inside jokes on prime of meta-inside jokes and it’s just this confusing labyrinth of bullshit.

So principally, about eight years ago, my good friend and I both had boring office jobs and he lived in a special metropolis than me. We’d go on G-Chat and begin one-off Tumblrs that we sort of gave up on after some time. However one that basically stuck was referred to as “Free Punk Lyrics.” The thought was in four minutes or less we might simply write the lyrics to a punk track, after which they’d be posted on-line for any punk band that was in search of lyrics. They’re intentionally very stupid. Like teen punk lyrics about hating your mother and father. Most of them are about hating reading and hating books and stuff. In order that they’re actually silly, like the equivalent of somebody drawing an anarchy symbol on their Duo-Tang in class after which considering that it’s the Avril Lavigne image, not likely realizing the historical past of it. You realize, that sort of vibe.

So I simply talked about it in passing on the podcast as soon as. I didn’t even say the URL of the Tumblr, I simply stated “oh yeah one time I had this factor referred to as Free Punk Lyrics.” Then the subsequent week any person had turned one of the songs into a full studio model pop punk music (laughs) and I used to be like “oh my god, that’s superb.” So we played that one on the pod. After which the subsequent week there was one other one, after which there have been two more, after which there was extra. By the top of it, there were 39 songs. And I’m speaking D-Beat songs, pop punk songs, and there’s a outstanding Canadian indie musician who did a music that’s absolutely an impression of the band Fucked Up. It’s so hilarious and excellent.

DS: That’s sick.

Josiah: Then there’s like spoken phrase and dance music and all types of stuff. It simply received method out of hand. So I was like “I gotta deal with this with the respect it deserves,” and we pressed all 39 songs to a cassette with a full big booklet with essays and lyrics and stuff and it bought out in someday (laughs).

We have now a Bandcamp so you’ll be able to take heed to it on-line, but I feel that’s type of the thesis of the whole [Blink-155] venture. Like taking something very silly very significantly. And paying means too much respect and seriousness to something that’s primarily very idiotic.

DS: I feel that’s type of what made individuals like blink-182 in numerous methods.

Josiah: Yeah, I feel you’re completely right.

DS: It’s very punk when you consider the thought of not having to have all your shit collectively to be someone.

Josiah: I assume that once you take a look at anything and just over, over, over analyze it, you ultimately begin asking huge questions on what life is (laughs). And that’s what occurs on our podcast, once we’re speaking about [the song] “I Wanna Fuck a Canine within the Ass,” and it someway turns into like some deep examination of something.

DS: You guys have completed a reasonably good job of taking Blink to process for problematic conduct and lyrics. Before you started the podcast, have been you guys like “okay we’re gonna have to ensure we tackle this,” or is that something that simply comes pure to each of you?

Josiah: It’s in all probability more the latter. Honestly, Sam and I barely knew one another earlier than we began this. We frolicked, like, a few occasions in actual life and had spoken on-line very briefly. The podcast is us really attending to know each other at the similar time.

DS: That’s superb.

Josiah: Our conversations about starting the podcast have been like… I appeared on This Exists, which is Sam’s previous YouTube present. And then he was like “hey, that was actually enjoyable, would you want to start out a podcast where we speak about every blink-182 music? I feel we might really need to commit to it so I’ll offer you time to think about if you want to do that.” After which two minutes later I used to be like “yeah let’s do it.”

After which we principally identical to began talking. Like, every little thing concerning the present when it comes to the format and the place each bit goes – that we do covers, all that type of stuff – just sort of happened naturally from us simply talking. We both just speak approach an excessive amount of on a regular basis. So yeah, we never deliberate that. There were undoubtedly some things that we’ve been scared to speak about, as a result of we don’t need to bum anybody out by talking about their shitty days or [problematic] things they did. So I feel it’s extra that we’re [not trying to] ignore what [blink-182] did or stated, but in addition not sensationalize it and make different individuals really feel shitty about themselves or whatever.

DS: This query truly comes from my good friend Derek Wetenkamp. Out of all the songs you’ve revisited, which of them have been probably the most shocking as being method worse or means better than you keep in mind? 

Hughes (right) with cohost Sam Sutherland (left) having breakfast in mattress.

Josiah: (Laughs) I can’t even think of any songs. It actually all blends together in a single massive mass of nasal pop punk voice. There are a whole lot of songs – particularly like older ones on Cheshire Cat and Buddha – that I didn’t actually take heed to a lot once I was younger as a result of I was simply obsessive about Dude Ranch. [Now] I’ll put these on and I’ll be like “oh my god, this seems like timeless indie rock.” The track “Cacophony” feels like Built to Spill or something. Noticing that type of stuff has been actually satisfying, as a result of it’s simply surprising to understand what number of totally different types they’ve achieved nicely. And then I assume I am coming to phrases with the truth that Neighborhoods is sweet. That took me a long time to comprehend.

Also, I feel we’ve talked about it a lot that we’re sort of beyond the understanding of excellent and dangerous anymore. Now my style has been fucked up. It’s as if I burned my style buds off or something. So I’m nonetheless type of confused by every thing. However there’s undoubtedly some songs that I very a lot hate. Like, for example, “Los Angeles” from California.

DS: How much time do you assume you spend weekly on the podcast, together with “sclusies?”

Josiah: It sort of depends. I feel I play up how much analysis I do. But I might say it’s in all probability an excellent two hours and then we’ll speak for like two hours and then modifying and posting… I imply, it’s a number of time (laughs). I might say that it’s just so fun that it doesn’t really feel like work. However undoubtedly, this is my whole life now.

DS: You do evaluations for Exclaim! proper?

Josiah: I principally do on-line information stuff and I run the movie section there so I don’t do as a lot music reviewing anymore, however that’s my background for positive.

DS: Do you assume Blink-155 affected the best way you take a look at music and evaluations? Because you have been speaking about your taste buds principally being burned off.

Josiah: I feel that occurred earlier on. Once more, the podcast is simply me being myself. All the issues I’ve been annoying individuals with at parties, I simply do on here as an alternative. I’ve all the time been actually contrarian and actually irritated by most popular culture and thought that every part was a lot cornier than everybody let on. I feel I’ve just all the time been usually annoyed by every little thing, so the podcast is extra of a pure extension of that.

I imply, it undoubtedly has pushed me over the edge. Like, turning into associates with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons has utterly fucked up my understanding of the universe, because I used to hate Think about Dragons and now they’re my pal’s band (Laughs). I’m getting usually confused by the whole lot.

So yeah, I feel it’s bizarre. But I additionally just assume that it’s enjoyable and it’s way more thrilling and also you study your self and about music for those who over analyze issues somewhat than just type of do the floor “oh I like this! It’s submit punk.” It’s higher to actually, really interact with something when you care about it.

DS: How typically do you speak to Dan Reynolds?

Josiah: (Laughs) Not too typically, but I’ve his e-mail and we’ve undoubtedly been within the DMs a number of occasions. I’m gonna speak to him more but I don’t wanna fuck it up, ya know? I’ve a very good thing going here.

The hosts of the podcast gearing up for their Blink One Fifty Stay present this last July in Montreal.

DS: The format of your podcast is fairly irregular I feel. There’s no introduction, no sponsors, no intro monitor, and the interviews aren’t actually the primary function of the podcast.

Josiah: To be trustworthy with you, I didn’t take heed to podcasts in any respect earlier than we began doing this, and I’m sort of glad that I didn’t. As a result of I’ve since listened to some and I can see how it might have been tempting to comply with different codecs. I feel individuals have in contrast our podcast to U Talkin’ U2 To Me? [Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman’s podcast] and I can see that somewhat bit, however I’m just glad that I didn’t even know what that podcast was. It’s weird to be within the shadow of different things.

Usually the format has just sort of figured itself out. I feel the primary thing is that it was approach, means, approach shorter, because Sam was insistent on… you recognize, he’s good at making things which are truly digestible and professional, where as I’m more about bringing us to a darkish night time of the soul by means of trolling and what not. So he used to make it like truly a real podcast for the first few episodes. But I get bored actually simply, and considerably mockingly my brief attention span means the episodes are approach longer. As a result of I like once we go on diversions and take heed to different songs that have the same title or identical to go approach off the deep end. So yeah, I don’t know. With podcasting, you just want a mic after which you can do whatever the hell you need.

DS: Blink was a lot of people’s entryway into punk. At this level, since you’ve analyzed the better majority of their catalog, why do you assume that band resonated with so many individuals?

Josiah: I feel that there are tons of reasons however, for starters, they’re like, actually handsome. They usually’re really good at writing pop songs. They’re principally a boy band hidden in skate punk clothes. Everyone’s like “oh my god, I really like this! It has a lot pop attraction,” however it’s like, yeah, obviously. They’re like N*Sync or one thing. That helps.

Also, I feel so many people who develop up center class or decrease center class or no matter simply don’t relate to a number of punk stuff because it’s not resonating with their expertise. Whereas blink-182 is music for for those who grew up in a cul-de-sac. Identical to clean asphalt, concrete punk (laughs). Everybody can relate to it. It’s simply music for people who grew up within the suburbs and didn’t essentially like see cocaine until they have been older, ya know?

DS: (Laughs) Yeah.

Josiah: It’s for sheltered suburban youngsters, nevertheless it nonetheless feels punk. I feel for lots of people it really resonates for those causes, as a result of the problems they sing about usually are not actually… I don’t actually need to say they’re not real, as a result of they’re nonetheless legitimate issues. But they’re so minor compared to huge points that other punk bands take on. So, it’s type of simply that it relates to individuals’s speedy surroundings. However then the best way that they tip their hat to different bands and other types serves as the right gateway to get into cooler shit.

DS: Once you began the podcast, blink-182 had 155 songs. But now they’ve more they usually’re releasing a new album quickly… when are you going to cease?

Josiah: I assume we’ll need to see what happens if we catch up to them before they launch more songs. However they’re at this pace now the place they’re simply making an attempt to… I feel in all probability due to streaming and nevertheless that works to recreation the system, they release a new music principally each week now, so I don’t know. I feel we’ve built something that we each love and it’s actually fun. Perhaps we’ll just do them all once more.

DS: Oh, you understand what? I feel like I should get you to say something about “Dude Ranch is cum.”

Josiah: (Laughs) Positive. I assume this ties into what you have been saying about blink-182 being a meme. But around the time that we began this, I was turning into really obsessive about plenty of memers on Instagram, and one in every of them – KornFan420, aka Scorching Leather-based, who’s so good – I feel he posted like a screencap of a Facebook memory the place he was like “on today I noticed Dude Ranch is cum” or no matter. In order that sort of blew my mind because I had by no means considered it that method. I feel there were individuals years earlier than that had also insinuated the identical thing. But to be trustworthy with you, the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket wordplay? I didn’t work out what that meant till I used to be in my 20’s or one thing. Like, it totally went over my head.

DS: Similar.

Josiah: (Laughs) there’s all types of little issues, but you’ve received that one and Enema of the State after which proper earlier than that is Dude Ranch. Like it’s all right there, it needs to be a double entendre. Nevertheless, the thing that we speak about on the podcast rather a lot is the dying of the writer, and whether or not an artist can decide what their artwork means after it’s been released into the world, or whether or not it’s extra up to the beholder to determine what it means. And so principally, we had Mark [Hoppus] on the pod and he confirmed to me that Dude Ranch was not meant to imply cum.

[Then] this man named Invoice Billingsley – shout out to Bill Billingsley, I’m not going to elucidate who he’s on right here, however you’ll develop to like him in the event you take heed to the pod – went to a Tom Delonge guide signing in San Diego and requested him if Dude Ranch was cum, and Tom stated he wished that that they had been that clever back then to think about that.

So it was not their intention. But on the similar time, Dude Ranch is certainly cum. Certainly one of our merch gadgets is a Dude Ranch cum rag. And we also used to have enamel pins that stated Dude Ranch on them, with a kind of Hidden Valley Ranch shade, that, very tiny, says “it’s cum” on it. So “Dude Ranch is cum” is just one other component of the pod that has ruined everyone’s mind.

DS: I keep in mind when Clyde [Webb of KornFan420/Hot Leather] got here up with that and then made it like a Life Event on Facebook. And [he’s from my hometown]so once I heard you got it from him I was like “oh, no shit!”

Josiah: Yeah, it’s humorous. Like that is making me understand how small quote unquote “punk” is around the globe. All over the place I’m going, somebody will know concerning the pod. It’s wild.

This interviewer is on Twitter. Blink-155 is on Patreon and Twitter.

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