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Embassy Protection Collective: We’re Still Here And We’re Staying

Embassy Protection Collective: We’re Still Here And We’re Staying

The Embassy Protection Collective shaped on April 10, the day after the Trump administration manipulated the Group of American States (OAS) to vary the principles so they might acknowledge their puppet, Juan Guaido, as president of Venezuela. The OAS could not get the required two-thirds vote to recognize a government in order that they modified the principles to a mere majority and barely obtained that. By then, the US had allowed their Guaido coup forces to take the Venezuelan army attaché constructing in Washington, DC and three diplomatic workplaces in New York City.

The Trump administration is permitting excessive violent right-wing Guaido supporters to blockade the embassy. Regardless of a standoff in the final week, we had a collection of victories over these forces and remain steadfast protectors of the embassy.

Encompass the embassy with love and resistance. 

We adopted a theme track for the Embassy Protection Collective, “We’re Nonetheless Here” by Holly Neer. The chorus begins with:

We’re Nonetheless Right here
Selecting Love Over Worry
When the Strains Are All Drawn
We’re Still Here

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Challenges and Victories

We awakened on April 30 to the news that Juan Guaido was going to aim a coup again, which made us marvel why he must conduct a coup if he’s the “president.” We have been alerted by our Venezuelan allies that this second coup try can be simply defeated, which it was, however to anticipate coup-supporters within the US to protest on the embassy.

In truth, the extremist Venezuelan coup supporters confirmed up that morning and tried to take over the steps in entrance of the constructing. A workforce of embassy protectors took a stand on the steps and stopped them from taking up the entry. More violent extremists showed up all through the day, inflicting police to erect a barricade between us in front of the embassy. We sang virtually continuous to keep ourselves from partaking with them while they blew sirens and other loud noises and insulted and threatened us shouting racist and misogynist comments and utilizing lewd gestures. Police refused to cross meals and water to us or to permit our allies into the area in front of the embassy. We held that area via the night time by taking shifts.

Within the courtyard behind the embassy, the pro-coup forces harassed, intimidated, threatened and assaulted our allies outdoors who bravely prevented them from getting into the constructing whereas people inside arrange reinforcements to cease them from coming in the door. This lasted till 1:00 in the morning.

The subsequent day, Might 1, we agreed to cede the entrance steps if the police would shield the entrance porch and doorways from injury. We moved inside to concentrate on defending the embassy from inside, considering the police would honor their obligation to protect the embassy from harm. That afternoon, Carlos Vecchio, Guaido’s pretend “ambassador” confirmed up, with the intention of taking up the embassy.

We have been ready for him to enter and be pressured to remove us. As he got here to the entrance porch to talk, we stood resolute behind him holding indicators and chanting, ‘No Coup.’ When he began to speak, we reduce off the facility to his sound system and out-shouted him. Vecchio was pressured to flee, chased by reporter Anya Parampil who asked him, “The place are you going next, the White Home?”  A representative vaguely informed the gang they have been “working on a course of to evict us.” The coup failed in Venezuela on April 30, and failed again in Washington, DC on Might 1.

The coup supporters began establishing tents across the embassy that night time and blocking our individuals from getting into the constructing as police stood by and did nothing. When members of CODE PINK introduced meals the subsequent day, surrounded by clergy, they have been stopped from delivering it. Two allies, Ariel Gold of CODE PINK and Chris Herz tossed bread and other meals onto a patio to us. They have been arrested and charged with “hurling missiles” at a building.

We pushed back at police for not allowing the meals in, they usually offered a blockade for our members to return down and get the groceries. Coup supporters stole tons of of dollars value of the food. We have been additionally capable of get some drugs in that day for individuals who required it. Since then, we’ve got struggled to get provides. Once we lowered a rope from a window and successfully introduced up four luggage of meals, the coup supporters rushed a barricade and assaulted our allies. It was our individuals who have been threatened with arrest regardless that they have been those who have been knocked to the ground.

An older gentleman from the neighborhood needed to deliver us toothbrushes and toothpaste. He was swarmed by the violent extremists. When he tried to move between two individuals to get to the door, he was thrown to the ground violently and significantly injured. He was arrested, not the ones who threw him down. It has turn out to be widespread for police to arrest the victims of assault, not the people who committed the assault.

These seem to be US-trained regime change operatives who use violence, psy-ops and and intimidation towards us. Some are Nicaraguans and Cubans, not Venezuelans. They’ve limitless assets. They’re continually bringing in more supplies. From early within the morning, we are surrounded by them and subjected to their sirens, banging of pots and pans, loud music, taunts and threats of bodily hurt.

They have tried to break in numerous occasions. They drilled by way of a door to the storage and damaged the carry gate with a sledgehammer. On Friday night time, they banged on the doorways so exhausting for hours that they have been damaging them. We needed to fortify the previous picket doors so they might not break by way of. The Secret Service watched whereas they did it and not only allow them to but refused to say they might shield our safety. Once we referred to as them, they stated we should always ask the Venezuelan authorities for help. It took tons of of calls from supporters to get them to cease.

The Secret Service is allowing them to do all they will to intimidate us very possible underneath orders from the White House. They want the extremists to frighten us so we depart the embassy. Their actions have had the other effect. They’ve united us in our willpower to guard the embassy.

Regardless of being barricaded within the building and reduce off from entry to provides, we are victorious. We are still here and there’s little probability of eviction as a result of we are violating no laws. We now have constructed a strong and united group that works together to guard the embassy and to keep the violent extremists and Trump administration out.

Surrounding the Embassy with Love and Resistance

The Trump administration realizes that getting into the Venezuelan Embassy in violation of the Vienna Convention would set a precedent that would put US embassies around the globe at risk. In consequence, they are allowing right-wing extremists to harass and threaten us and attempt to starve us out. That’s their only hope of taking up the embassy.

We refuse to offer in it doesn’t matter what they do. Our legal professionals are making sure there’s a document of the incidents, which we now have largely as a consequence of our embedded media, Anya Parampil of The Grayzone Undertaking and Alex Rubinstein of Mintpress Information. We even have to offer a shout out to TeleSur, who was embedded with us until the pro-coup forces arrived and now’s offering protection from the surface. Allies outdoors are identifying the pro-coup actors. We wrote to the State Division and Secret Service concerning the violence and have advised them we’ll hold decision-makers and cops liable for their actions.  But principally, we’ve responded to these intimidation techniques in solidarity and have strengthened our resolve to protect the embassy.

A spotlight of the week for us, after many troublesome days, was to see a whole lot of Embassy Protectors present up outdoors yesterday. They chanted with us and sang. We ended the night time with revolutionary music blasting from the second flooring embassy windows and dancing collectively although they have been on the sidewalk across the road and we have been inside the embassy. The extremists’ banging of pots, strobe lights and blasting sirens at us only added to the festive environment.

At this time, extra Embassy Protectors returned to point out solidarity and categorical their love. We also started receiving many messages of solidarity and appreciation from individuals and social actions in Venezuela. This means the world to us. We’re surrounded by violent, right-wing, regime change forces who’re making an attempt to put on us down. These are the identical actors who held violent protests in Nicaragua and Venezuela. They are making demise threats, threatening ladies with rape and mocking us, all in a complicated Georgetown neighborhood. It is surreal.

We recall the mass mobilizations in Charlottesville, Boston and New York when right-wing, racist, misogynist hate-filled individuals got here there and urge that mass resistance to hitch us now. This can be a crucial wrestle. If the embassy is overtaken, it can set us on a path to warfare in Venezuela, and chaos and devastation to the region. If we will proceed to guard the embassy, Venezuela and america could have time to barter with third nations to serve as protectorates for their embassies and this could begin a path to peace. Perhaps Trump will even see that the Bolton-Abrams-Pompeo workforce has misled him and reverse the disastrous policy course he’s on. There isn’t any cause to steal Venezuela’s assets, the US ought to respect Venezuelan sovereignty and negotiate agreements as has been executed beforehand.

We are asking individuals to return to DC to encompass this embassy with love and resistance. Let’s present that love will prevail.

In case you absolutely can’t come to DC, please contact your member of Congress to make them aware of the state of affairs. Inform them:

  1. The US is required to protect embassies underneath the Vienna Convention, however is permitting the Venezuelan Embassy to be broken when the Secret Service might simply shield it.
  2. The USA’ coup in Venezuela has failed. Maduro is the official elected President of Venezuela and is recognized by the United Nations and over 140 nations.
  3. The Secret Service is violating the human rights of the Embassy Protectors by failing to ensure protected passage in and out of the embassy and entry to supplies. We are actually underneath siege.
  4. Assessment the Declaration of the Embassy Protection Collective and sign on to point out your help.

And eventually, please make a donation as we’ve got incurred many sudden prices for this mobilization.