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Rising Resistance And Solidarity In The Americas

Rising Resistance And Solidarity In The Americas

“If there isn’t justice for the individuals, there gained’t be peace for the governor.” Protesters in Previous San Juan on Tuesday name for the resignation of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who has vowed to remain in workplace (Thais Llorca/EFE/Zuma Press)

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Sandanista Revolution in Nicaragua. A whole lot of hundreds of individuals celebrated within the streets of Managua Friday night time. This past week, mass protests erupted in Puerto Rico over long term corruption and subversion of democracy. A basic strike is planned for Monday.

This week is the 25th Sao Paulo Forum, a meeting of left political events and social actions, in Caracas, Venezuela. We participated in a Sao Paulo Forum of Washington, DC in preparation for the upcoming meeting. A delegation of Venezuelan Embassy Protectors is touring to Caracas to take part in it.

Latin America has an extended historical past of resistance to US domination and solidarity with social movements in america. This resistance and solidarity is essential to our success in america if we are to stop the machine and create a brand new world.

40th anniversary of Sandanista Revolution in Nicaragua (By Ben Norton, Twitter)

Resisting US Coup Attempts and Constructing the Good Life

Forty years in the past, the Sandanista Front for Nationwide Liberation, named after Augusto Sandino, a revolutionary within the 1920s and 30s, ousted the US-backed dictator, Anastasia Somoza, from the nation. This present day, now referred to as the Nationwide Day of Happiness, is widely known every year. Take a look at The Grayzone Undertaking’s Twitter feed for movies of the celebrations.

Underneath the management of the Junta of Nationwide Reconstruction, which included the longer term chief and president Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguans took action to offer healthcare, schooling, eradicate illiteracy, build roads and power infrastructure, present land and develop meals sovereignty. They tremendously lowered each financial and gender inequality.

Nicaraguans enjoyed a secure life until an attempted coup to take away President Ortega, backed by america, in mid-2018. Just like pro-coup protests in Venezuela, there have been blockades constructed by violent coup-supporters who attacked and brutally killed 198 cops, Sandanistas and bystanders. That coup attempt was stopped despite the media lies designed to confuse the public. A yr later, the truth continues to emerge however peace prevails once once more. A superb e-book, Stay From Nicaragua: Rebellion or a Coup, A Reader, breaks by way of the false narratives of the tried coup and provides info helpful to understanding the state of affairs in Nicaragua.

A delegation from Veterans for Peace is visiting Nicaragua for the anniversary. We look ahead to their studies. We attended a celebration at the Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington, DC hosted by Ambassador Francisco Campbell. He described present efforts in Nicaragua to convey fact and reconciliation to reunite a rustic divided by US interference and the coup try.

Nicaragua is a member of the USA’ “Troika of Tyranny,” which includes Cuba and Venezuela. These are three Latin American nations that have broken from US domination and continue to be punished for expressing their self-determination.

Cuba has been experiencing a blockade since 1958, which has pushed the country to develop a resistance financial system with out reliance on overseas goods. Although the blockades have harm their financial system and restricted entry to requirements, similar to drugs, Cubans have higher health outcomes than individuals in america as a result of their well-designed common healthcare system.

Venezuela continues to withstand the present US-led coup try, although the USA is taking it to new extremes. This past week, USAID, a regime change institution, introduced the Trump administration is going to make use of virtually $42 million designated for assist to Central America to pay for salaries and supplies for the right-wing opposition led by the self-declared president, Juan Guaido. The corruption of Guaido’s individuals continues to be exposed. Two extra members of Guaido’s workforce have been arrested for making an attempt to sell stolen weapons.

Will Mexico be next? Arturo Sanchez Jimenez outlines what he sees because the early levels of a right-wing coup concentrating on the new president, AMLO.

Be a part of the Individuals’s Mobilization to Cease the US Warfare Machine and Save the Planet this September in New York City. Study extra right here.

Protest in Puerto Rico calling for Governor to resign (by Juan Carlos Dávila)

Resistance is Growing in Latin America

Ecuador was making nice strides in meeting its inhabitants’s needs underneath President Rafael Correa, but that’s being reversed by the current president, Lenin Moreno. Moreno is understood worldwide for ending Julian Assange’s asylum and allowing police into the London Embassy to arrest him, but his actions towards the Ecuadorian peoples has been similarly harsh. Moreno campaigned on continuing Correa’s packages however has achieved the other. On this interview, Andres Arauz, a member of Correa’s economic workforce, explains Ecuador’s neoliberal turn underneath Moreno.

Ecuadorians launched a five-day basic strike last Monday to protest “handing over Ecuador to US imperialism.” Among their complaints have been Ecuador imposing austerity after receiving a mortgage from the International Financial Fund, a US army base proposed in the Galapagos Islands and the imprisonment of Julian Assange.

Mass protests have also erupted in Puerto Rico. Lots of of hundreds of people, many who have never protested before, are taking the streets in San Juan and all through Puerto Rico. They are dealing with police repression with tear fuel and pepper spray. On Monday, they are holding a common strike.

The protests began when lots of of pages of chat logs between Governor Ricardo Rosello and different officers have been launched. They contained derogatory statements and disrespect for the hundreds who died after Hurricane Maria. Protesters are calling for the Governor to resign. Other government officers included within the chats have already resigned.

Though the chats have been the proverbial “last straw,” in accordance with Miguel Diaz-Cruz, a Puerto Rican doctoral scholar, the protests are the results of “5 centuries of uninterrupted imperialism, free-market catastrophe capitalism, an imposed dictatorial fiscal control board controlled by the exact same folks that bankrupted the island, and a storm of the century which was fueled by climate change.”

We spoke with Puerto Rican lawyer, Natasha Bannan, who has participated in the protests, on Clearing the FOG. The episode might be revealed on Monday. She goes into depth on the issues Puerto Ricans are dealing with, describes what it should take to start out the method of resolving them and explains how activists may be supportive.

The 40th anniversary of the Sandanista Revolution is widely known in Washington, DC with People from many nations on the Nicaraguan Embassy (Common Resistance)

Why Resistance and Solidarity Matter to Activists in america

Individuals in the USA typically discuss with themselves as “People.” Sadly, this is not executed in the spirit that each one individuals in the Americas, South, and North, are People. As an alternative, we in the US are taught to see the other People as totally different from us. This is part of US hegemony and the Monroe Doctrine that views Latin America as “our yard.” It’s why individuals within the US, USians, settle for unilateral coercive financial measures, exploitative trade offers and violent coups that hurt different People.

All People are victims of US actions that destabilize and exploit American territories. We in all probability don’t think about it that means very much, but what hurts our neighbors hurts us. Blockades imply that USians can’t profit from medical breakthroughs in Cuba or cheap oil packages from Venezuela. Exploitative commerce deals mean US jobs are moved South of the border to Mexico, Honduras, Haiti and different nations the place wages are decrease and there are fewer employee protections.

In the USA, we are also victims of the US Empire. The Empire Financial system consumes over 60% of federal discretionary spending on the army. This means less money for crucial packages to offer healthcare, schooling, housing, and meals. The huge US weapons and army business imply new “clients” should all the time be discovered for the merchandise they make, which fuels wars abroad that add to international insecurity and destruction and militarization of our communities at residence where the “others” are black and brown individuals, the poor and homeless. The US army is the most important institutional consumer of fossil fuels and a serious polluter, driving the local weather crisis and environmental contamination.

If we’re to beat the US Empire, it should take all of us together. That is one purpose why solidarity between all People is important. We in america have much to study from our American brothers and sisters who’ve been targets of imperialism for centuries. We also have a lot to study concerning the ways nations like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are working to scale back inequality, meet primary needs and supply a better high quality of life for his or her peoples.

Occasions just like the Sao Paulo Discussion board are opportunities to return collectively, get to know and study from each other. A delegation from the Embassy Protecting Collective will attend the Sao Paulo Discussion board this week in Venezuela. We can’t attend due to our ongoing prosecution by the Trump administration for staying within the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC, but we’re sending Vanessa Beck, a representative from In style Resistance who will deliver a message of solidarity. Vanessa can also be a pacesetter of Black Alliance for Peace.

We also attended the Sao Paulo Discussion board in Washington, DC where we agreed to 10 resolutions of solidarity that will probably be delivered to the Forum in Venezuela. At the DC Discussion board, the Embassy Protection Collective was introduced with a strong painting by the indigenous Salvadoran artist, William Berry. Dan Kovalik donated copies of his new guide, The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela, which have been bought at the discussion board to boost funds for the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee.

Study extra concerning the Embassy Protectors Protection Committee at and how one can take part to help the collective’s protection towards malicious US prosecution.

Resistance is rising. We will be a part of together in that resistance with acts of solidarity to stop the US struggle machine and create a new world.