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Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops (Ultimate Guide)

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops (Ultimate Guide)

Right here’s our final guide to chrome steel kitchen countertops including execs and cons, value, widespread varieties and installation ideas.
Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertops, large island and dark wood cabinets

Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertops, large island and dark wood cabinetsChrome steel has lots of makes use of in the kitchen. Often ones first thought once they think of chrome steel are home equipment, however there are actually many other makes use of. Chrome steel is a superb countertop materials, and in case you have chrome steel home equipment then you’ll be able to have them match perfectly.

There are all kinds of varieties of chrome steel kitchen counter tops to choose from. In addition, chrome steel counters have totally different execs and cons to think about which we’ll discover under. The sort you ultimately choose is decided by the individual challenge, based mostly on the finances, type, expertise degree, and time-frame.

Execs and Cons of Stainless Steel Countertops

Modern kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Modern kitchen with stainless steel countertopsThere are a ton of issues to brag about in relation to chrome steel counter tops. Chrome steel’s greatest attribute is that this can be very sturdy and resilient to virtually anything (therefore stainless).

This consists of however isn’t restricted to: water, heat, stains, and so on. This can be a product typically utilized in business kitchens as a result of its non porous surface meaning nothing can really penetrate it – which makes cleanliness a taken care of issue.

Not solely is it robust as might be, nevertheless it additionally will fit right into your own home, the fabric is straightforward to work with and is custom made to your kitchen. This will embrace inbuilt backsplashes or sinks that may give an even more sanitary area (because no seams!) and a glossy seems without any ugly edges or caulking.

With the colour and materials itself the chrome steel counter tops give a up to date or industrial look with its glossy and glossy surface. Even in small areas a countertop would work since it is reflective and will give the appearance of a brighter, greater area if lighted appropriately. This is additionally affected by how shiny of a stainless-steel finish you purchase. As described later there are totally different levels of shine and how you can polish the floor for a shinier floor, or brush the floor for one thing slightly duller, based mostly on each particular person area and wishes.

Unfortunately with all those good issues, there are a couple of downsides to chrome steel countertops. First off, although we mentioned that chrome steel is sturdy and resistant, the floor is prone for scratching and the occasional denting in case you are rough on the countertops. Denting is stored to a minimal resulting from wooden being placed beneath it. Nevertheless, be particularly careful in sections just like the sink and backsplash that would not have that luxurious.

As for the scratching it appears scary at first but after there gets to be quite a number of and the metallic oxidizes it begins to look extra natural. Typically this is even a desired quality. There are some chrome steel counters which might be purposely scratched, hammered or dented prior to installation as a decorative quality. To help reduce the appearance of scratches chances are you’ll contemplate brushed chrome steel counters which don’t show scratches as simply.

As mentioned within the execs these are often used in business conditions and one of many causes is that chrome steel counter tops do look fairly industrial, and while that may be a look that some individuals need in their houses these days, it will possibly typically be perceived as cold or business. For those in search of a warmer really feel, choosing sturdy granite counter tops could also be a strong selection.

One other minor downfall is that it’s a onerous materials so it may be noisy in comparison with a number of the other materials often utilized in residential kitchens. There are ways that the noise issue may be offset although, with different supplies in the area and perhaps there’s not numerous counter area to begin with. Or you need to use that to your advantage to get up sleepy teenagers for college by bumping round pots and pans on the chrome steel counters.

Stainless Steel Countertops Value

Modern kitchen with stainless steel countertop peninsula

Modern kitchen with stainless steel countertop peninsulaChrome steel won’t be the most cost effective product you will get when choosing the fabric for countertops however as mentioned earlier than there are plenty of execs to having chrome steel. With good things come a larger price ticket, however it is value it because of the durability and resiliency. This is the reason most business kitchens go together with chrome steel for your complete kitchen.

Chrome steel prices about $75 to $150 per square foot put in. There are some elements that can increase or lower the worth. An enormous worth addition is the gauge of the chrome steel, which is principally the thickness of it, this can affect how straightforward the fabric is to dent or bend.

Typical gauges for chrome steel counter tops within the residential setting vary from 14 to 16 gauge metal. This translates to about .0625 to .0781 inches thick, making the higher the gauge the higher the worth since it requires extra chrome steel.

Since chrome steel is often made customized any and all oddities will trigger the worth to fluctuate. For example the extra turns or cutouts will cause it to be costlier, or if there are sinks that have to be part of the counter or put in into it, the prices are exhausting to estimate without understanding the precise venture at hand.

Most locations will give customs quotes beforehand so you possibly can determine whether or not it’s essential to dial down the challenge slightly or you possibly can add some additional options. One method to reduce prices however still utilize chrome steel is wanting into getting prefabricated work tables or counters, these might be much less customized to your area, but when they will work within the area that may save some money to place into other elements of the venture.

Varieties of Stainless Steel Countertops

Kitchen with stainless steel countertops, apron sink, white cabinets and subway tile backsplash

Kitchen with stainless steel countertops, apron sink, white cabinets and subway tile backsplashChrome steel can be used in numerous totally different types and features, and might be customized made if the price range and time limit is true. A few of the widespread varieties of chrome steel purposes are as follows.

Stainless Metal Kitchen Counter tops – Chrome steel kitchen countertops are used so much within the business sector as they’re extraordinarily resilient, which keeps them very cleanly. These countertops are glossy and may have backsplashes whether it is needed.

Stainless Metal Countertop with Sink– Chrome steel countertops can have an addition of a sink, and there are a number of choice for that. The sink may be made from separate chrome steel where it is place into and hooked up to the chrome steel countertop, or it may be made in one fluid piece. Being made in one piece avoids having any seams making all the things simpler to wash in addition to provides a greater clean.

Custom Stainless Steel Countertops – A lot of the counter tops which are bought for residential areas are custom made. It’s because each is a special measurement, shape, and thickness. Customized chrome steel countertops supply the choices of including seamless sinks and backsplashes, which may make for one fast set up and less need for other tasks.

Stainless Metal Island Countertop – Chrome steel island counter tops are where one thing that’s prefabricated might are available and save a number of dollars. For business areas there are freestanding tables which might be prefabricated and used as islands. This can be even be custom made once more with differing types of edges, whether or not they have small lips to include any spills, or go straight down for a modern look.

Hammered Stainless Metal Countertops – Hammered chrome steel countertops are a singular sort of chrome steel that’s primarily pre dented. It is like how the youngsters nowadays put on denims which are ripped on function, it brings texture and is something totally different and funky! Hammered chrome steel countertops can have the identical choices of sinks, backsplashes and edges as regular chrome steel.

Brushed Stainless Steel – Brushed chrome steel is one other unique sort that’s like buying denims with holes in them on objective. Brushed chrome steel is principally pre worn all in the same course. Which means it’s polished beneath an ungreased abrasive belt and scratch in the identical course. Brushed chrome steel will make the wear and tear look better than scratches that inevitably appear in any which means and path. This additionally offsets an excessive amount of reflection if in an area that gets a variety of sun or different mild sources.

Quilted Stainless Steel – Quilted chrome steel is top quality, but sometimes not used on countertops, but more for the encompassing areas and as backsplashes or wall overlaying. Any such chrome steel has a diamond (quilt like) pattern that is often about 2.75 inches on all sides. This is a particularly sanitary and corrosive resistant materials so has limitless uses.

What Sort of Stainless Steel Material is Used for Counter tops?

304 grade stainless steel countertops

304 grade stainless steel countertopsIn relation to chrome steel it isn’t only a one and completed choice, there are a ton of varieties of chrome steel, all of which are used for various functions. There are 100 collection, 200 collection, 300 collection, 400 collection, 500 collection, and 600 collection, all broken up into smaller classes within those.

The most typical sort of chrome steel used for counter tops is sort 304. Because of this it is in the 300 collection which is ‘austenitic chromium nickel alloys’. It accommodates a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel and has a maximum of .08% carbon.

This kind of chrome steel will commonly be labeled with the number 18/eight. One of these chrome steel is understood for a way nicely it may be shapes and welded together, its ease of cleansing, its magnificence, and how resistant it’s to corrosion and oxidation (because of the excessive degree of chromium).

A few of the widespread makes use of of this kind of chrome steel are within the meals processing business. This consists of gear used for brewing beer, wine making, and lots of dairy gear. Citrus and fruit juice corporations use any such chrome steel on account of its resistance to acids.

Stainless Steel Countertop Edging

As mentioned beforehand chrome steel is understood for its durability in addition to its resilience, but in addition noted is that it isn’t probably the most value effective material. To get one of the best of each worlds there is a chrome steel countertop edging that can be added to different counter tops.

This product is used to protect the sides, (sometimes probably the most beat up areas) and even add an accent to the prevailing counters. This is commonly used at bar tops where the chairs or stools typically stumble upon the sides of the counters.

As for edging included on the countertop itself it’s hooked up just as a backsplash is. That is multi functional piece of chrome steel, the piece is just bent in a number of instructions. There are a couple of totally different edging profiles that can be chosen from a few of the commonest are as follows:

Country kitchen with stainless steel countertops with bullnose edge and white cabinetsCountry kitchen with stainless steel countertops with bullnose edge and white cabinetsBullnose – A bullnose edge could have a rounded nook as it connects the sting of the counter and the top of the counter.

Beveled – A beveled edge (typically often known as a chamfered edge) is an edge that isn’t perpendicular to either of the connecting pieces. As an alternative there will probably be a, say, 45 diploma angle connecting the two pieces. This provides the corner a much less sharp edge whereas not being a curve.

Unwrapped – A number of the chrome steel countertops won’t have any edging at all. Such a countertop could have an uncovered nook of the counter and will exude minimalism.

The best way to install Stainless Steel Counter tops Your self

Modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel countertops

Modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel countertopsThe self set up of a stainless-steel countertop is actually not as troublesome as it might sound. The most effective factor about countertops typically is that they sometimes are available one or two items. The toughest part is that they’re heavy and typically awkward in shape.

A advantage of chrome steel countertops is that it’s virtually all the time just one piece, they usually typically have a inbuilt (seamless) sink, which means you drop all of the steps of getting to put the sink in and just skip to the plumbing if wanted.

The first step is to create a plywood template of the counter prime, this becomes the bottom of the counter – an added thickness to help avoid dents if in any respect attainable. This is crucial step because if the template does not fit, nothing does.

Using plywood is among the cheaper choices, and not all the time the highest quality. This may also be accomplished with a hardwood or may even be completed by the metallic company in case you are not snug working with hardwood.

Next you need to get the chrome steel countertop made. That is accomplished by going to the local residence enchancment store or working with an area metallic vendor to get the custom countertop that fits the template you made for the counter. They may make the countertop across the template – which is why it must be good.

After the countertop is made and hooked up to the plywood template the pieces are then merely put on prime of the cupboards where they belong. This is where the items might get heavy or awkward to raise, it is strongly recommended that this not be a one man job. Then full any ending touches corresponding to sealing and seams or including and any extras. And then there you go, a brand new chrome steel countertop all able to go!

The place to Buy Stainless Metal Counter tops

Small kitchen with stainless steel countertop peninsula and dark wood cabinets

Small kitchen with stainless steel countertop peninsula and dark wood cabinetsChrome steel kitchen countertops might be purchased in an assortment of various locations – depending on the sort you need in addition to how much help you need. Merely going to the closest House Depot, Lowes, or Menards (any house enchancment store actually) offers you the basics with regards to chrome steel counter tops.

They offer numerous widths and pickup or delivery, some locations even set up for you – for a further value in fact. Based mostly in your location there are native distributors you could work with that may get a extra custom to your property countertop which is a better choice on the subject of more difficult tasks.

House enchancment shops will sometimes just have in inventory gadgets and sure lengths and won’t have edge options or additional sink cutouts. Native vendors are capable of custom make the piece to the dimensions of the kitchen, whether it has turns, pre present sinks, a backsplash, and so on. These distributors commonly supply set up for an added worth as properly – or can be found for pickup or supply.

Greatest Strategy to Clean Stainless Metal Counter tops

Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel countertopsChrome steel counter tops aren’t one thing which are super widespread in residential places so there are in all probability many who usually are not aware the right and greatest practices for cleaning them. The great factor about chrome steel countertops is they do not require heavy obligation cleaners, and even an excessive amount of work to wash, since they are so resilient to stains, acids and other issues like that.

While over time the counter tops will experience some wear and tear and often fingerprints are noticeable on the floor, they keep extraordinarily sanitary with just a quick wiping down. There aren’t any special cleaners or sponges you want, most of the time a fast damp washcloth does the trick.

In case you are performing some heavy obligation cleaning on the counters you have to ensure you are outfitted with a couple of cleansing cloths and a delicate scrubbing brush. First you employ dish soap to do an preliminary clear of the surface with heat water.

Subsequent, use a bit bit of baking powder sprinkled on the counter with vinegar and gently scrub the surfaces in circular motions, there’s not a necessity to make use of an excessive amount of strain, but slightly elbow grease by no means harm.

After that, rinse the counter tops completely with a clear material. For a streak free dry, hand dry the countertop with a microfiber material with the grain. Then polish if wanted. Directions for sprucing are under.

The best way to Polish Stainless Metal Counter tops

Modern kitchen with stainless steel counters subway tile and dark gray cabinets

Modern kitchen with stainless steel counters subway tile and dark gray cabinetsWhereas it has been discussed that chrome steel kitchen counter tops are resilient and durable, they will nonetheless use somewhat TLC right here and there. Sprucing will maintain them in tip prime form and assist scale back any dullness of the floor. Listed here are a number of steps to get you began on sprucing the surface of chrome steel countertops.

It is very important keep in mind that this can make the floor shiny, which is usually a good or dangerous thing depending on the quantity of sunshine within the room, if there’s too much direct daylight you would be making for afternoon blinding in the event you put too much work into sprucing the surfaces. In smaller kitchens though reflective surfaces are a terrific factor as they portray a bigger, brighter room.

First, begin by cleansing the chrome steel counter tops is the instructions say above, simply eradicating and dust or grime which will have built up on the surface. After that is full find some olive oil, put it on a towel, and unfold a light-weight layer over your complete surface of the countertop.

Once it is coated in oil, get a clear material and ‘buff’ the floor. Which means you’ll use some strain and make small circles, actually rubbing the oil in. It is very important be sure to do not depart and extra oil on the counter.

Loft apartment kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Loft apartment kitchen with stainless steel countertopsNow, if the surface is as much as your standards of shine, the job is full. If the result is just not precisely where you need it to be but, there are a number of extra steps that can be taken for a greater shine.

After the oil buffing, dig out the flour and spread a thin layer over the countertop and repeat the buffing process as you probably did with the oil. Nonetheless not sufficient shine? There’s one other factor you can do for the last word shine. This is the place you need a handheld power buffer and some business sprucing merchandise.

Use a slightly abrasive pad for the buffer and comply with the instructions on the buffer that you simply get. Start the method in one nook and slowly work your approach in small circles across the countertop. After you complete the complete floor take a dry material and run it over the surface to remove any excess polish. After you complete that remaining clean you’ll have an excellent shiny chrome steel floor.

For extra associated concepts take a look at our articles on marble counter tops or quartz countertops here.

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