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Survival Beyond Liberalism and Conservatism


What Would a New Higher World Look Like?

“Democracy is tough work and requires rather a lot from those who participate in it. It requires individuals to respect these with totally different views from theirs and individuals who don’t seem like them. It asks citizens to be able to sift via giant quantities of data and process the great from the dangerous, the true from the false. It requires thoughtfulness, discipline and logic,” writes Rick Shenkman, founding father of George Washington University’s History News Community, in an essay predicting the demise of Democracy. We ought to know what he’s speaking about and it is true, as we see in American politics as we speak the place no one respects the views of the other.

The world is bankrupt, not only in financial terms but in addition in philosophic ones. Every part about trendy life is exhausted which means nothing has worked and that’s creating growing nervousness and stress that is getting individuals sick. Stress levels are going off the Richter scale and we know the worlds politicians are largely responsible. For all the great ideas on the planet what we have now is a suicidal civilization.

“At this time, individuals are dwelling in a hyper-delusional world, the place individuals are confused with ideological underpinnings, civilizational cleavage, cultural disruption, anthropological idleness, sociological collapse and political chaos,” writes Shahzada Rahim. Liberals are the worst affected as their ideas are crumbling throughout them. Conservatives are gearing up for a struggle to defend themselves and their rules.

It’s superb to learn within the liberal minded Washington Publish Charles Harm saying, “Even the most effective that the Democrats should supply lately are basically unserious individuals who continuously lie about the whole lot.” And, “The few sane Democrats still left in Washington are starting to sweat.” After which he ends with, “There’s something significantly incorrect with them. Let’s hope they get help before certainly one of them wins the Democratic nomination.”

Too many assume (politicians) they have the answer however most are delusional and that explains why and the way they are digging our collective graves. We both find a new approach ahead, a brand new species of politicians, or we kiss our collective asses goodbye. Human extinction is a risk, as many have stepped ahead to say, and with the speed we’re poisoning ourselves and our planet it is maybe our destiny.

The liberal state aims to safeguard the rights of the person in their very own personal ‘pursuit of happiness.’ Every individual in a liberal society has liberty of conscience, and liberty to pursue their happiness as they see fit, as long as they don’t seem to be harming anybody else.

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But liberals have taken their freedom to the purpose the place everyone seems to be being harmed. Liberalism has been probably the most enduring philosophy of the enlightenment era but because the daybreak of 21st century, it appears only fit for a burial chamber. The liberal elites have betrayed liberalism as they shattered the hope of odd plenty with their never glad greed to build up extra wealth and power.

The whole medical industrial complicated has betrayed liberalism for it betrays freedom of selection in drugs. Though the conservatives have never gone away liberalism emerged as probably the most enduring philosophy of the enlightenment era, which pretty much encompassed the 20th century. Because the start of the 21st its been all down hill.

So is there any hope for humanity? Its not wanting good with conflict, financial collapse and environmental disasters knocking at our doorways. And soon we might be freezing and ravenous as the subsequent mini-ice age/grand photo voltaic minimum units in.

One has to see these Democratic contenders make complete fools of themselves on this video with their plans to spend trillions of dollars for something that isn’t occurring.

The Gatestone Institute writes:

“Civil liberties are in larger danger in the present day from the illiberal hard-left than from the bigoted hard-right. This may increasingly appear counter-intuitive: There has been far more violence — mass shootings in malls, synagogues and other tender targets — from extremists who determine extra with the hard-right than with the hard-left. However the affect of the hard-left on our future leaders is way extra pervasive, insidious and harmful than the affect of the hard-right.”

“Individuals on the “woke” hard-left seem so self-righteous about their monopoly over Fact (with a capital T) that lots of them see no cause to allow dissenting, politically incorrect, views to be expressed. Such incorrect views, they declare, make them feel “unsafe.” They will feel protected provided that views they share are allowed to be expressed. Feeling unsafe is the new set off word for demanding censorship.”

I have lately revealed an essay about surviving all of this with love but is there any mild at the finish of the doomsday tunnel that our race is dashing by means of?

I hope there’s however it needs to be centered around one thing not evident in any of the worlds philosophies or political techniques. I feel we should go into the ashes first with just a few of us left around to select up the pieces, if we’re lucky. 

Till we’re trustworthy with ourselves there’s little probability we’ll muddle by means of. In reality most of the issues of the world is past left proper, conservative liberal paradigms. Trendy drugs, for instance, has turn into a cruel killing machine that each side endorse wholeheartedly. 

What Would a New Better World Look Like?

Might have ended the essay here and dropped us throughout a cliff, which is the place we’re in all probability going anyway for an inventory of easily identifiable causes. However I can’t be that merciless since all of us need some hope, especially if we’ve got youngsters.

So what would a better world seem like? It definitely wouldn’t seem like anything on the planet we know. If our religions, philosophies and politics have been lovely, good or helpful we might have already got a better world however we don’t. So what’s it that’s absent in our world that needs to be present within the subsequent world if we survive lengthy enough to get there?

What I suggest as the hot button is something we collectively do not need to study. It’s one thing so easy and primary to sane life that we overlook it totally. The one thing that’s obvious in life is that we do not need to take heed to anything we don’t need to find out about ourselves and our civilization.

To pay attention is to endure as a result of we don’t need to pay attention
to anything which may require a change.
To pay attention is to vary.
We can’t change with out listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to pay attention.

We might slightly have everlasting warfare relatively than pay attention. In America, for example, the country is dividing in half with the potential for civil struggle as a result of one aspect does not take heed to the opposite. If one does not pay attention how can one even start to know what the opposite aspect is talking about or which means. How can we heal the cut up between religions when for instance there’s Islam and the rest of the world are infidels?

In good fights between husbands and wives one calms the opposite with listening, understanding and empathy. Listening all the time will draw us closer to the guts and its weak feelings the place as non-listening has the other effect. Our capacity for love grows mechanically as we study to speak and pay attention from deeper levels of being.

Conflict brings to mind arduous occasions when individuals disagree vehemently about a problem or an occasion. Photographs of physical or emotional violence seem to seem, along with the sound of indignant voices loudly disagreeing with fervor and keenness. Nevertheless, creativity and conflict are important for progress and true collaboration. Without the dynamic power that comes from engagement, thoughtfulness, and discussion, we stagnant.

If conflict is the violent resolution of conflict, then peace is just not the absence
of conflict, but slightly,the power to resolve battle with out violence.
C.T. Butler

In fights round issues like climate change, drugs, politics and the setting it is only one aspect eager to pulverize the opposite. However, when there’s a consensus, everybody agrees on one thing. If you’re going to a film with associates, that you must attain a consensus about which film everybody needs to see.

Every time there’s disagreement, there’s no consensus: consensus means everyone is on the identical web page. Consensus represents a decision—a choice that satisfies all members.

Are you able to picture a world of consensus? Can you think about an age the place enlightened politicians have been in command of the world? Globalism was a great dream but they conveniently omitted the enlightened half so their intention was to go away us within the palms of psychopaths as an alternative of empaths who might understand and connect by way of emotions.

Listening is the last word social talent. The  most  essential  angle  essential  for real listening and communication between beings is humility, something most politicians and docs don’t have. Psychologist Carl Rogers stated, “It’s astonishing how parts which appear insoluble turn into soluble when someone listens. How confusions, which appear irremediable flip into relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard.”

It is sad but true that almost everybody on earth is centered of their egos although clearly some egos are much greater than others.The first step in dissolving the separating self-sense of ego is to get out of our little self and contained in the internal worlds of others but are you able to imagine someone who believes in man-made international warming listening to what they name a local weather denier?

In its easiest type, empathy is the means to acknowledge feelings in others, and to know different individuals’s views on a state of affairs. At its most developed, empathy allows one to use insight to improve someone else’s mood and to help them by way of difficult conditions.

The future of humanity depends upon empaths taking control and psychopaths being contained. Western civilization made a big mistake making medicine a criminal offense and putting tens of millions in jail when psychotic and sociopathic greed ought to have landed hundreds of thousands of those varieties in prison.

If we would like a future we should always construct empathy and listening expertise into our academic techniques starting on the earliest ages however will we? Not on the earth we know.  

Consensus concept is worried with the maintenance or continuation of social order in society. Consensus is a course of of nonviolent battle decision. Consensus works greatest when conflict is encouraged and supported in a artistic course of that supports deep listening. Consensus is a strategy of nonviolent conflict decision.

Consensus determination making is a artistic and dynamic method of reaching settlement between all members of a gaggle. As an alternative of simply voting for an item and having nearly all of the group getting their approach, a consensus group is committed to finding options that everyone actively supports – or at the least can reside with.

There’s in actuality only one fact though human egos do not see it that means. But for example, its both getting colder or hotter, the solar is getting into a minimal faze or its not. So the dream of globalism and a one world order is just not going to happen because we can’t agree on anything. Its profoundly unhappy however it is very important understanding what’s occurring to us and why.


Regardless of what happens with the world, with our civilizations and society it is necessary to implement the longer term in our private lives and in the lives of our families and other small groups. If we don’t begin and mannequin a new sensible future immediately what can we anticipate? We can’t watch for the whole, we have now to raise the weight of battle one “artistic conflict at a time.”

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