The 11 Best Headphones for Digital Pianos in 2019 That Are Top Shelf

Discover some of the best headphones for digital pianos on the market

Digital pianos are greatest sellers on the planet of musicians and piano college students.  Whether you play a 61-key moveable digital piano or a powerful grand-type digital piano, these pianos are undoubtedly here to remain. 

One of the crucial necessary equipment to a digital instrument is digital piano headphones.  Virtually all digital devices besides the very least expensive embrace headphones.  Typically these headphones are more than sufficient; typically they’re pretty dangerous.  Within the latter instances, it is clever to think about a headphone “upgrade.”

However which is the perfect set of headphones in your needs?  Nicely, in this article, I’m going to dive deep into this query, as I give you 11 headphones I feel are incredible to use with a digital piano in 2019 and beyond!  And, to raised assist you to, please take a moment to view the interactive desk under, the place you’ll be able to examine a number of the greatest digital piano headphones presently obtainable available on the market:

Find out how to Discover the Greatest Headphones?

The know-how for headphones has improved exponentially over the previous 30 years.  A few of these headphones permit the musician to listen to the slightest whisper of sound for comparatively small investment.  Some manufacturers concentrate on huge booming headphones with plenty of sound but little subtlety.  Some forms of headphones decide up superbly on the upper ranges of notes however fail miserably within the bass ends or midrange.

How does a client know that are the perfect headphones for digital pianos?  I went out on a “headphone expedition” to an area retailer with loads of headphones to sample and a knowledgeable young woman (let’s call her Marsha) who simply happened to be a sound engineer with quite a lot of information and expertise.  After in depth sampling of all of their headphones and a pair of long conversations with Marsha, I made some pretty necessary discoveries.  One of the best brands on their shelves are these:

  • Beyerdynamic
  • Yamaha
  • Sennheiser
  • Audio Technica
  • AKG

Open vs Closed Again Headphones: What’s the Difference?

First, some essential info for anybody wishing to buy headphones:  you should first work out how you want your headphones to perform.  Do you want to have the ability to hear environmental sound around you when you’re sporting the headphones?  In that case, it is best to think about open headphones. 

These are headphones that have what look like a speaker on the back aspect of the ‘phones, as well as on the within.  These open headphones permit what you’re enjoying to be heard somewhat by individuals round you, they usually also permit the musician to listen to what’s happening in the room(s) round them.

If you don’t wish for individuals round you to hear what you’re enjoying on the piano, or if you wish to block out environmental noise when you apply, you should buy closed headphones.  These headphones have audio system on the insides—the elements that contact your ears—however are strong on the surface.

Within the photograph under, you’ll discover a pair of Beyerdynamic headphone units which might be comparable in worth.  The headphone set on the left is a pair of closed headphones.  The spherical black portion is the ear cover.  

The set on the correct is a pair of open headphones.  You’ll be able to see that the ear cover appears like a automotive speaker.  I was stunned by the difference between the 2 units in privacy and blocking out environmental noise.  (I’ll speak extra about that afterward.)

Circumaurel headphones are these which encompass and canopy the ears.  You’ll most often hear them referred to as “over the ear headphones.”

Virtually all the headphones discussed hereafter are circumaurel or over-the-ear by design. Yow will discover all types of technological and manufacturing info on-line, however we’ll save that for an additional day.  Let’s speak about the most effective headphones I found for digital piano learners.  

You could discover that I can’t embrace any wi-fi headphones.  Marsha informed me that whereas Bluetooth and different wi-fi options can be found, they are typically only as reliable as Bluetooth and wireless networks.  Due to this factor, I consciously overlooked any wireless choices.  All the following headphones plug instantly into a headphone jack on a digital piano.


I sampled the two headphone units pictured above: the DT 770 Studio (the closed set) and the DT 990 (the open set).  

Beyerdynamic  DT 770

The DT 770 Studio set retails for around $200.  Immediately this set impressed me with its giant ear covers, spherical in form for max comfort and protection, and the entire environmental silence.  While I used to be testing all the headphones I’ll be discussing in the present day, there was a very noisy man within the retailer who was within the keyboard/piano part immediately subsequent to the headphones displays.  This man was channeling his internal Billy Joel or something and was not excellent, to say the least.  

The point is this—he turned the volumes on the keyboards up, so he was obnoxiously loud.  And I used to be pleasantly stunned by the DT 770’s noise cancelling capabilities as a result of these headphones cancelled him out utterly.  The highs have been crisp and clear, as have been the mid-range notes (often the vocals).  Typically the bass can get thump-y in a set of headphones.  However not the DT 770’s!  Whereas nonetheless rich and full, the basses balanced superbly with the rest of the sounds.  

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

The DT 990 Professional headphones retail for about $150.  Marsha (keep in mind her?) informed me that anyone wishing to have the ability to hear what’s happening around them—like a sound engineer, or a mom making an attempt to follow on a digital piano whereas retaining an ear out for what her youngsters are doing—can be well-advised to choose an open set like these.  

Like the DT 770’s, the DT 990 Pro headphones have giant ear covers, round in form, and are fairly snug over the ear.  These headphones lack a bit on the bass finish, but they compensate by supplying you with more on the highs and mids.  When you aren’t an enormous fan of a bass guitar or drum thumping in your ear, these headphones are a sensible choice.


Right here it comes: I’m going to get on my Yamaha soapbox as soon as once more.  This time it’s all concerning the headphones I sampled.  I attempted out four totally different Yamaha models, although I’m solely going to debate two.  (The one distinction between the opposite two pairs was shade; they each also got here in white.)  

Yamaha HPH-MT7

The Yamaha HPH-MT7 headphones are a closed set of headphones, additionally with giant ear covers to maximize consolation and sound quality.  As a result of they are closed, they do a superb job of cancelling out environmental noise and providing privateness whereas listening or working towards.  On their website they retail for about $300, but the retail store provided them for about $170.  That’s a big difference in worth, so undoubtedly contemplate purchasing regionally!

These headphones across the board coated all the sound ranges with crisp, clean readability.  I discovered probably the most spectacular quality of the MT7’s to be so clean that I might distinguish every instrument within the demo alternatives provided.  The vocals sounded stay and the bass blended superbly with the other ranges of sound.  The HPH-MT7W is the white version of those headphones.

Yamaha HPH-MT5

The Yamaha HPH-MT5 headphones retail on the internet website for about $170, but the retailer I visited provided them for about $100.

The ear covers are oval-shaped, quite than spherical, though the dimensions is adequate to virtually totally cover the ear.  They fit comfortably, but although these headphones are a closed set, I might still hear environmental noise and the obnoxious man pounding the keyboards.  The high ranges mirror the Yamaha clarity and high quality, however I felt the lows and midranges have been merely enough.  The MT5W headphones are the white model of those headphones.


As a sound engineer, Marsha prefers the Sennheiser brand of headphones.  I sampled the 4 fashions on display, all of which have been closed-style headphones.

Sennheiser HD 200 Professional

The HD 200 Professional by Sennheiser, shown under, options good, giant, snug ear covers.  They retail for about $80 on the internet website and about $70 within the store.  I used to be not terribly impressed with the excessive ends on this headphone set, however the bass and midrange areas have been rich and clear.

Sennheiser HD 280 Professional

The HD 280 Pro headphones retail for about $100 on both the website and the retail retailer.

These headphone ear covers usually are not round but are extra oval in form.  They cowl the ear properly, nevertheless, they usually do a good job of cancelling out environmental noise.  They provide nice high and midrange sounds with out sacrificing the bass.  For the money, these headphones are a superb worth.

Sennheiser HD 300

The HD 300 headphones additionally function oval-shaped ear covers.  As with the 280’s, the HD 300 set gives good environmental cancellation, and in line with Marsha, these are a bit more sturdy than the opposite two Sennheiser fashions mentioned up to now.  I found the stereo separation to be outstanding in these headphones, in all probability better than any others except the Yamahas.

Sennheiser HD 25

The HD 25 model appears and feels fairly totally different than the opposite three Sennheiser fashions mentioned.  

The differences in the band over the top indicate the light-weight facet of those headphones.  Technically, these headphones are thought-about to be “DJ” headphones as a result of they can be worn comfortably for lengthy durations of time. 

The ear covers supply thick, lightweight padding to guard the ears from discomfort.  This type also allows a musician/DJ to play or work in loud environments.  This model retails for about $150 on the internet website and in addition within the store.

Audio Technica ATH-M40X

The Audio Technica ATH-M40X, features giant ear covers and is a closed set.

The 40X mannequin retails for about $100.  The decrease ranges of sound–bass and lower mid-range– sound good on this model of headphones.  Sadly, the excessive ends seem a bit weak to my ear.  

Audio Technica ATH-50X

The ATH-50X appeared to be one of the best of the Audio Technica line that I sampled.  They retail for $140 to $170, relying on whether you favor the black model or the colour versions.  (They offer white, pink, and royal blue.) 

The bass impressed me on these headphones.  Clear and clean to my ear, without any heart-rattling thumping in the bass, the M50X headphones clearly excelled in low and mid-range sounds.  The highs exhibited nice clarity, as nicely.  The ear covers on the M50X models are well-padded ovals that cancelled environmental noise almost however not utterly.  

Marsha mentioned that the Audio Technica brand of headphones are typically a bit fragile.  If that factor is just not a priority for you, the M50X models could also be probably the greatest affordable-but-not-cheap headphones available on the market.  If your five-year-old needs to play “airline pilot,” nevertheless, you may need to contemplate one of many different extra sturdy brands of headphones.

AKG Okay52

Of all of the headphones I sampled on my tour, the AKG Okay52 headphones stunned me probably the most.  I liked the clear, crystal-clear highs and midranges on this little set of headphones.  Whereas it gained’t rattle your coronary heart, the bass introduced as well-defined and crisp as nicely.  The lightweight nature of those headphones creates great comfort for the wearer.  

These headphones will not be obtainable on the AKG site, however retailed for less than $50 on the local store I visited.  Marsha didn’t mention any sturdiness issues with this set of headphones, though I think they might not put on properly in a high-use, professional surroundings.  However in the event you simply need a pair of headphones to make use of to follow your digital piano and you don’t want them to be an Ironman model, I extremely advocate the Okay52 model.

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