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The 5 Best Digital Pianos in 2019 You’ll Absolutely Love

What are the Best Digital Pianos of 2019?  Find out our top 5 favorites in this article.

When you’re out there for a brand new digital piano, however aren’t quite positive which brand or mannequin is the fitting selection in your needs, you then’ve come to the appropriate place.  As a result of in this article, I’m going to give you what I consider are a number of the greatest digital pianos in 2019, and why they stand out amongst different quality pianos.  

And what’s nice is that, whether you’re studying this in 2019, 2020, or 2021, these pianos will stay a unbelievable choice for anybody concerned about a top quality instrument that gives you the most effective bang on your buck.

With a view to higher aid you find the fitting piano in your wants, please use the guide under to check out a number of the prime digital pianos available on the market—some of which we’ll be discussing in-depth as we speak.

What Ought to You Want in a Digital Piano?

What you need and wish in a digital piano varies from person to person, but I do assume there are some comparatively commonplace things that it is best to concentrate on as most essential when looking for a brand new digital instrument.

  1. Contact/Feel of the Keys
  2. Hammer Motion
  3. Sound
  4. Polyphony
  5. Learning Options

On the subject of digital pianos, it’s essential to keep in mind that they’re conceived to be handy and cheaper options to acoustic pianos.  And yet, on the similar time, you want them to be able to emulate the feel and sound of an acoustic pianos as greatest as it might.  

The most effective ways that this is achieved is through the keys of a digital piano.  In fact, the cheaper the keyboard, the much less high quality keys you’ll get.  But, should you get a great digital piano, there’s a fantastic probability you’ll discover keys that feel top quality, are grippy and weighty, and in some instances, even function escapement.  

Escapment, primarily, will simulate the let off of the keys you’d discover in a grand piano.  You’ll definitely pay extra money for something like this, but should you’re already conversant in the touch and really feel of a grand piano, you’ll recognize the addition.

Under, please take a moment to view a few of the greatest promoting digital pianos on Amazon, and see how nicely they stack up to the digital pianos we talk about at the moment.

Hammer Motion and Sound

Subsequent, you’re going to need excellent hammer action.  This is in fact subjective, but the means to simulate real hammers hitting strings inside a grand piano is right for anybody eager to get as near a real piano feeling they will get whereas using a digital instrument.

Next, sound is very important—you not solely need to have great grand piano samples inside your digital piano, however you additionally need further sounds (like strings, harpsichord, vibraphone, and so forth) as properly.  These sounds aren’t only good to have on their own, but for the needs of layering one sound on prime of another too.

Polyphony—and Why It Issues

Polyphony can also be value mentioning right here, as properly.  Not everybody will need 192 or 256 notes of polyphony of their digital piano.  

For some, that’s overkill.  

However as you mature in your enjoying experience, you’ll possible need to play extra complicated pieces of music.  And when you do, you’re going to need notes that don’t decay shortly.  And the only solution to guarantee that’s to have a comparatively excessive polyphony rely.

I are likely to liken this to the rise of 4K content material lately.  For example, should you nonetheless take pleasure in buying films on Blu Ray, and a studio releases the movie you need in a Blu-Ray/4K combo pack for less than a further $5.00, you won’t have a robust want to pay the additional $5.00 for a bonus 4K disc in case you don’t already have a 4K TV or 4K participant.  

However, sooner or later in the future, you may truly select to improve to a 4K TV and 4K Blu Ray player.  So, for just an additional $5.00, you’ll be able to primarily future proof yourself.

That is how I take a look at polyphony.  Get as a lot polyphony in your new digital piano as you fairly can afford immediately.  It will help future proof your self.  And your future self with thanks for it.

Learning How you can Play Piano

And lastly, we arrive at the matter of studying features.  Should you’re model new to the world of studying easy methods to play the piano, then you definitely just may need a piano that helps make the training course of relatively straightforward to know.  

You’ll be able to probably anticipate a digital piano to return with a metronome lately, but some go much additional, permitting you to include immersive apps that may assist train you tips on how to play your favourite track or just document and save the music you create.

The Prime Digital Pianos of 2019

Without further ado, let’s begin with the Yamaha P-45.

Yamaha P-45: A Low cost Moveable Piano

Costing lower than $500, the Yamaha P-45 is an effective moveable piano that’s very reasonably priced.  This can be a piano that includes a Graded Hammer Commonplace keyboard, and whereas that’s not exactly one among Yamaha’s greatest key actions, the graded really feel of the keys help provide the sensation what enjoying on an actual acoustic piano looks like.  

On prime of that, the P-45 is a slim and trim digital piano.  We’re speaking about an instrument with a depth of about 12” and clocking in at just 25 lbs in weight general.  That signifies that in case you are on the lookout for a digital piano to lug round with you from gig to gig, it’s not going to get a lot better than the P-45.  

It’s additionally necessary to know that there’s a Yamaha P-71 and a Yamaha P-125 available on the market, too.  

Yamaha P71 vs Yamaha P45

What’s the difference between the Yamaha P-45 and Yamaha P-71?  

Not much.  Truly nothing, to be perfectly accurate.  In truth, the only difference is that the Yamaha P71 is an Amazon unique digital piano, so think of it as a slightly rebranded Yamaha P-45.

Yamaha P125 vs Yamaha P45

The Yamaha P-45 has a much bigger brother referred to as the Yamaha P-125. While they both share plenty of similarities, there are some notable variations which may make it value the extra $150.

The first is that it contains a Pure CF sound engine, in comparison with the AMW Stereo Sampling found within the P-45.  On prime of that, the P-125 is rocking a whopping 192 notes of polyphony and 24 complete voices.  

The P-45 simply can’t compete with that, as it comes with just 64 notes of polyphony and solely 10 complete sounds.

The P-125 has a bit extra amplification within the sound department too, because it comes with 7 watts of power by way of two speakers (14 watts in complete) compares to the 6 watts of power by way of two audio system in the P-45 (for a complete of 12 complete watts of power).

The P-45 is not any slouch in any means, shape or type.  If you’d like the perfect reasonably priced digital piano on your cash, you in all probability can’t do rather a lot higher.  But, it must be famous that one thing like the Yamaha P-125 is indeed a better throughout instrument.

Yamaha DGX-660: Interactive Moveable Piano

I need to stay on the moveable piano practice for a bit longer and talk about the Yamaha DGX-660.  What’s enjoyable here is that you would be able to join a microphone to this digital piano and begin primarily performing karaoke songs which are pre-recorded by Yamaha.  You’ll then be capable of hear what you sound like by way of the instrument’s inbuilt speakers. 

On prime of that, the DGX 660 lets you go wireless.  Use the Chord Tracker app to play back some of your favorite songs out of your iPhone or iPad via the DGX-660’s audio system.  

In reality, this app will analyze the music being played and start displaying correct chord symbols, permitting you to play together with the music.  These are the kinds of fantastic learning options I mentioned earlier that you would be able to get once you commit to a digital piano.

It’s additionally value mentioning that the DGX-660 is likely one of the only a few fashionable digital pianos obtainable at this time that come with a built-in LCD display.   While the display is comparatively small (all issues thought-about), it’s nice to be able to navigate the piano’s settings with the assistance of the display, or simply use the display to read music of some of your favourite songs.

Casio PX-870: A Nice Piano Experience

In many ways, the Casio PX-870 is a beast of a digital piano.  As soon as it’s set up, it seems much more like an upright digital piano than a transportable one, so don’t anticipate to lug this child around anyplace.  Wherever you set it up is where it’ll keep, particularly since it weighs 74 lbs.

What I like concerning the Casio PX-870 is that it seems to offer you a grand experience on the piano for a very affordable worth (about $1,100).  

With this piano, you’re getting further options that, when added in totality, actually immerse you in the sensation that you simply’re enjoying a grand piano.  Things like sensible damper resonance or key motion sounds or lid simulator or key off simulation are welcome additions.  

On prime of that, you get 19 voices, and of course you possibly can cut up the keyboard in addition to layer sounds.  Casio doesn’t skimp on the polyphony rely both, as 256 notes of polyphony are present right here.

One of many nicer issues concerning the PX-870, too, is it’s capability to work with PC or Mac computer systems, in addition to Android or iOS.  Just hearth up the Chordana Play for Piano app, and you’ll instantly have the ability to control virtually any setting or perform inside the PX-870.  

And so far as learning features goes, this piano presents Duet Mode, which primarily splits the piano into two equal pitch ranges.  This is most ultimate for leaning alongside a instructor, as now a scholar and instructor can sit aspect by aspect to play on the identical instrument. 

Yamaha YDP-164: Higher Than the YDP-144

A lot of people could also be wondering why they need to think about paying extra money for the Yamaha YDP-164, once they can save a bit and just get the YDP-144.

First off, both method, you’re more likely to be glad together with your buy.  These Arius digital pianos are fairly impressive.  However I needed to say a pair issues that I really feel make the YDP-164 a better piano than the YDP-144—key motion and sound amplification.

The Yamaha YDP-144 contains a Graded Hammer Commonplace motion.  This is probably the most primary of all of Yamaha’s key actions.  The Yamaha YDP-164, however, options GH3 or Graded Hammer three action.  

What you get with that’s simulated Ebony and Ivory keys, and keys which are grippy in contact and feel.  This can assist forestall your fingers from slipping off the keys.  The GH3 key action is more of a mid-tier degree key action provided by Yamaha.

When it comes to amplification, you get significantly extra power with the YDP-164.  Whereas each pianos have two speakers, the YDP-164 is working with a total of 40 watts of power (20 watts per speaker), whereas the YDP-144 includes a complete of 16 watts of energy (eight watts per speaker).

So, for those who’re trying to purchase a digital piano that may fill a big room with sound, you’re going to probably be much more glad with the YDP-164 over the YDP-144.  

Each pianos are great—they each function the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano sound, along with a a Pop Grand piano sound and a Mellow Grand Piano sound.  However if you need higher action and higher sound and energy, the YDP-164 is the higher selection.

Yamaha P-515: Greatest High High quality Moveable Piano

The Yamaha P-515 is a digital piano that has changed the Yamaha P255, which was a extremely popular instrument in its own right. 

Coming in around $1,500 or so, the P-515 isn’t an affordable piano, however it simply may be one of the spectacular moveable digital pianos available on the market.

Let’s first start with the keybed on the P-515.  This piano encompasses a Yamaha Pure Wood X keyboard—prime of the line relating to Yamaha’s digital pianos.  Identical to a grand piano, the keys are made out of wooden.  You additionally get an escapement mechanism within this keyboard, which can further give you the sensation that you simply’re enjoying on a real acoustic piano.  

When it comes to piano sounds, Yamaha has you coated right here too.  Identical to on the Arius fashions we mentioned above, you get the Yamaha CFX Grand Piano sound right here.  But, in contrast to these pianos, you additionally get the Bösendorfer Imperial and CFX Binaural Sampling, as properly.

Additionally, I all the time assume it’s nice when a digital piano, especially a transportable one, comes with an LCD display, and the P-515 does that, as nicely.

And lastly, this piano integrates very properly with the Sensible Pianist app—an app that permit’s you management your P-515 by way of an app downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.  

Now, as an alternative of doing it manually on your piano, you can do every little thing from change sounds to split and layer all by way of the app.  And in case you use your iPad, you also get a much bigger display to see the whole lot from your settings to digital sheet music.  

The app even has a function referred to as Chord Chart, which can analyze some of your favourite songs and show chord symbols on your system, allowing you to play along to your favorite music as it plays by way of your piano’s inner speaker system.  

Pretty slick.


No matter piano you choose, you’re unlikely to make a nasty selection, as digital pianos have quickly advanced in perform and general know-how through the years.

I feel if you’d like an affordable, strong answer (particularly for those who’re a beginner), going with the Yamaha P-45 or Yamaha P-125 is a superb selection.  You might even need to contemplate one thing just like the Korg B1SP or Casio PX-160, as properly.

I feel if you’d like something extra strong and long run, the Yamaha P-515 is a digital piano that may tick off a variety of packing containers for you—from the keyboard to its key action to its potential to work nicely together with your iPhone or iPad by way of the Sensible Pianist app.

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