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Tulsi Gabbard Comes to San Francisco

Tulsi Gabbard Comes to San Francisco

I’m operating for president to be able to bring about this sea change in our overseas coverage that’s so mandatory for us and for the world.

— Tulsi Gabbard

Introduction by Rick Sterling

Tulsi Gabbard visited the San Francisco Bay Area last weekend. The three term Congresswoman from Hawaii is 37 years previous and ethnically numerous. Remarkably, she has 15 years army experience in the US Army and National Guard in addition to substantial political experience. She was elected to the Hawaii State Assembly at age 21.

Tulsi Gabbard helps progressive domestic policy issues together with legal justice reform, healthcare-for-all, national and international steps to protect the setting. She has a high approval score on gay issues.

What makes Gabbard actually distinctive is her emphasis and strategy to US overseas coverage. Whereas other candidates largely avoid the subject, Tulsi Gabbard says the difficulty is “central” to all other points. She says we have to change the policy of “regime change wars” and “new cold struggle” with Russia and China. She advocates cooperation as an alternative of conflict.

Gabbard stated “We’re at a larger danger of nuclear disaster than ever earlier than in historical past.” She described the scare of an incoming nuclear missile attack which occurred in Hawaii last yr. Although the alert turned out to be false, the menace is actual. “It ought to alarm each considered one of us right here that leaders in Washington are both not paying attention, they don’t know, or they don’t care. This should alarm every one among us because meaning not solely are we not addressing this menace, but the actions that leaders in Washington are taking are literally making it worse.”

Tulsi Gabbard says that as a soldier in a medical unit she has seen the “prices of conflict” first hand. Hundreds of US soldiers by no means made it residence alive. Many others endure visible and invisible wounds of warfare. The place the US has intervened or invaded, the individuals are worse off not better. The “costs of struggle” are trillions of dollars which must be spent at residence.

Gabbard says the dangerous insurance policies are the results of ‘self-serving politicians, grasping firms and particular pursuits.” She calls out the army industrial complicated and decries the “highly effective forces which have ruled over each events in Washington for much too long.”

No marvel there’s a lot misinformation and assaults on Gabbard. She is challenging the core coverage of US exceptionalism and figuring out who advantages and “who pays the worth” for these policies.

Her 35 minute presentation on the College of San Francisco might be seen right here. Following is the textual content of her speech adopted by her response to questions relating to Bernie Sanders, her faith and age.

Tulsi Gabbard Speaks, College of San Francisco / 16 March 2019

It’s robust typically once we see what is occurring in our country. There are plenty of challenges that we’re dealing with and it’s heartbreaking to see in so many various methods how we are being torn aside as individuals, how our country is being divided, how that imaginative and prescient that our founders had for us as a rustic, as a united nation with a government of, by and for the individuals has been lost. It’s heartbreaking to see how individuals are suffering.

Our household, our pals, our neighbors are dealing with things that we shouldn’t need to be dealing with in this nation. We’re in a place the place we now have a government that isn’t of the individuals, by the individuals and for the individuals, but somewhat a authorities that is controlled and influenced by self serving politicians, greedy firms and people special interests who can afford to purchase their seat on the table as laws are being made.

Who pays the worth? We do. Who suffers in consequence? We do. Who is left behind? We’re.

The place that we are in as a rustic right now’s precisely counter to the imaginative and prescient that our founders had for this great country: where we now have leaders elected by the individuals, who are of the individuals and for the individuals and whose sole interest and focus is on serving the interests of the individuals of this nation, placing the well-being of our individuals, our planet, and our future at the forefront of those selections which might be being made. As an alternative, what we see is what’s occurring in Washington the place we have now people who reside in a bubble that’s so disconnected from the truth that we live in our lives throughout this nation. And this corruption of spirit that’s casting a dark shadow over us is what we should defeat. There’s just one approach to try this. And to me, this is the reason we’re gathered here at present as a result of we care. We look after each other. We look after our nation, we look after our planet and our future. We need to do one thing about it, right?

YOU are why I’m hopeful because gathering together in this spirit of  – what we in Hawaii name Aloha – is actually the reply of how we overcome the challenges that we face. Now, lots of people know Aloha is a word meaning hiya or goodbye, right? As a result of that is how we greet one another in Hawaii. But there’s a cause why we start our conversations and our gatherings with this phrase Aloha because there’s so much power in what it truly means. Once we greet one another with Aloha and we gather within the spirit of Aloha, what we’re actually saying is I really like you, I look after you, I respect you, and I recognize that we are all brothers and sisters, we’re all youngsters of God no matter where we come from or the colour of our pores and skin, who we love, how a lot money we make or don’t make, what sort of schooling we now have.

All of those things which are so typically used to divide us, whether it’s by politicians or firms or individuals in positions of energy who pit one group of us towards the other for their very own achieve, who tear us apart, raising worry and suspicions and fomenting bigotry between us for their very own achieve, with none look after the — the pain and the harm and the impression that it has on all of us. This Aloha spirit is what has the facility to defeat that darkness with love and look after each other and that love for our nation. It’s this spirit of Aloha that unites us, that reminds us and evokes us about how we will construct that path ahead, that path that leads to a future that’s vibrant, that’s peaceful, that’s prosperous, that gives that opportunity and justice and equality for each single considered one of us.

So we look throughout history, especially during these darkest moments and we see how we’ve found our means by way of. It has all the time been once we, the individuals, get up and stand together, once we converse as one for what is true and what is simply and for one another. And it’s this time that we are in now that calls upon us to once once more stand up and stand together figuring out that once we do this, once we stand together, motivated by this look after each other, this love for our nation, there isn’t a impediment that we can’t overcome.

The obstacles seem great and for this reason typically it’s straightforward to feel disheartened and annoyed and to say how can we transfer ahead? How can we ever overcome? Simply a couple of weekends in the past in the days leading as much as the anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama, I had a chance to go and stroll on a civil rights pilgrimage led by congressman John Lewis, who was one of the youngest leaders of the civil rights movement at the moment. And it was an unimaginable expertise to listen to instantly from him as we walked via these steps where he and Dr. King and so many others have been crushed and bloodied. They have been referred to as each identify within the e-book. They have been threatened, their very lives on the line as they worked for justice. They worked for equality. They labored for the suitable to vote to ensure that their voices have been heard and it was heart wrenching to listen to from him about what they went by way of. It was inspiring due to how they responded to that hatred and that darkness, how they responded to that physical violence that they endured, they did not reply to that hate with hate. As Dr. King stated, they knew that darkness can’t drive out darkness. Only mild can do this. Hate can’t drive out hate. Solely love can do this.

Their example and people sensible phrases are what evokes us at the moment. They show how we will bring about the actual change that we have to see. How we will cross legislation like Medicare For All to ensure every single individual has health-care.

How we will bring about real legal justice reform.

How we will move laws that I’ve introduced to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. That may have an unimaginable impression on this country. Within the press convention that we held as we have been introducing this legislation, which is the only bipartisan piece of legislation to finish the federal prohibition on marijuana in Congress, we had a couple of individuals there who shared their stories. We had small enterprise house owners and people who have been engaged on providing medical marijuana to those who want it. We had researchers who’re gathering proof and knowledge to say this is essential to help influence individuals’s lives. We had people who find themselves serving to those that are preventing opioid habit. We’re seeing day-after-day how in locations where medical marijuana is legal, opioid habit is dropping, opioid associated deaths are reducing, and people who find themselves going by means of very troublesome problems are lastly finding assist.

We additionally had a guy named Harry from Virginia who was there who shared his personal story about how when he was in school about 10 years in the past, learning pc science, furthering himself and in search of better alternatives. He was convicted of marijuana possession and thrown into jail for 10 years: two obligatory minimal sentences of five years every. This was for marijuana possession. He talked about how his cellmate was convicted of murder and he acquired out of prison earlier than Harry did.

The injustice that exists inside our nation due to the failed warfare on medicine and our broken felony justice system has to finish. We can’t have one other era of individuals whose lives are ruined on this failed warfare on medicine.

You realize, there are numerous totally different points that we have to handle. I’ve mentioned a couple of of them. Coping with the climate crisis that we’re dealing with on this nation and on the earth is an pressing one that all of us should stand up to demand actual change to deal with. We’ve been talking about this difficulty for some time. We’ve been speaking about how our insurance policies and the best way that we reside has a destructive influence on our surroundings. But we now have not but seen that sort of bold action and recognition from our leaders. That has to vary. We also have to acknowledge how essential it is that whilst we take aggressive motion to deal with this climate disaster in this nation, that alone won’t be enough. This can be a drawback that’s dealing with our planet. It’s dealing with every nation in this world and so as to deal with it, it should require us to build relationships based mostly on cooperation, not conflict with different nations on the planet and work together to deal with this crisis.

Issues like re-entering the Paris accords is a essential and necessary step, but that alone won’t be sufficient. Retracting from the world and treating different nations on this zero sum mentality the place you’re both with us or towards us, with this strategy of conflict quite than cooperation must end.

I need to close by talking about a problem that’s central to all of these others which might be pressing and pressing and impression our on a regular basis lives and that is the situation of the cost of struggle.  I am a serious within the army nationwide guard, serving now for nearly 15 years, deployed twice to the Center East the place I served in a medical unit on that first deployment to Iraq in 2005. I saw firsthand every single day the high human value of struggle and who pays the worth. I saw it in pals of mine who have been killed in combat, who by no means made that journey house with us. I see it in my brothers and sisters, our veterans who proceed to pay the worth after coming house, coping with wounds both visible and invisible, the shortage of quality care and benefits offered to them to assist them once they come residence. The worth for these wars that folks don’t typically recognize is the one that every single one in every of us pays. The truth that we are spending trillions of dollars on wasteful regime change wars and this new chilly conflict between america and nuclear armed nations like Russia and China. Tensions continue to increase and a nuclear arms race has been been kicked off by actions just like the one President Trump took just lately by withdrawing from this historic INF treaty negotiated between Reagan and Gorbachev.

These actions have put us as a country and the world able where we are at a higher danger of nuclear disaster than ever earlier than in history. Now, what’s fascinating is that, as I share this info and speak about these issues with leaders in Washington, they say “Actually? Really? More than the Cuban missile crisis? More than the Cold Warfare with the Soviet Union?” . Yes, the answer is sure. That is the truth of the existential menace we’re dealing with at present. And it should alarm each one among us right here that leaders in Washington are either not paying consideration, they don’t know, or they don’t care. This could alarm each one among us as a result of meaning not only are we not addressing this menace, but the actions that leaders in Washington are taking are literally making it worse.

I need to get to why this concern is essential to each one among us. We in Hawaii had a huge wake-up call a few yr ago when there was a textual content alert that went out to over one million telephones all across our state that stated, “Missile incoming. Seek shelter immediately. This is not a drill.” I need to let that sink in for a second. We all have phones in our pockets. Think about that on a Saturday morning like immediately, individuals in Hawaii, have been just waking up, perhaps fascinated by going to the seashore or going to hang around with pals, when this message came across their phones. Think about what you’d do and how you’d really feel, who you’d think about, where you’d go in the event you obtained that message. As we’re sitting here at present, take into consideration understanding there are just minutes to reside.

It was terrifying.

Individuals thought “Where can I take my household? The place can I discover shelter? Where can we be protected?” A father was making an attempt to figure out which of his youngsters he would spend the final minutes of his life with. One other father lowered his little woman down a manhole considering that could be the one place the place she could possibly be protected.

That alert turned out to be false, but the cause why we reacted the best way that we did is because this menace is actual. And it’s necessary for us to recognize this. Not because we should always sit right here and be afraid and assume we’re doomed, however as a result of we have now to recognize the facility lies in our palms to ensure this isn’t our future.

Because it doesn’t need to be this manner. We now have the facility and we must take motion to vary path, to bend this arc away from warfare and in the direction of peace, to ensure that our overseas coverage is one that really serves the interests of our individuals, that secures our country and strikes us closer to peace fairly than nuclear disaster and struggle.

This is the reason I’m operating for president. As a result of none of you need to need to go through what we went by means of in Hawaii. No household in this nation ought to should undergo what our families went by way of in Hawaii. Not a single individual on this country ought to need to reside at any point in the day serious about what would I do if I received that message?

We must change our overseas coverage, the best way we are referring to totally different nations and construct those relationships based mostly on cooperation, not conflict and work in the direction of this future where we’re getting rid of nuclear weapons slightly than constructing extra of them.

To build this future we have to take those trillions of dollars being spent on wasteful regime change wars and a nuclear arms race.  We need to take those dollars and convey them to serve the wants of people right here at house, to be sure that we’ve health-care for everyone, to ensure our youngsters have an ideal schooling and an ideal future, to spend money on a green, renewable power based mostly financial system that serves us in the present day and for generations to return, to make it possible for we are investing in the proper of infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.

There are so many things that we need to do proper now to spend money on a vibrant future for each single American. So as to do this, we’ve got to vary the course we’re on. We have to take those dollars wasted on regime change wars and a nuclear arms race in a brand new chilly struggle. We have to place our priorities put those dollars where they must be, which is true right here on our individuals, on our households and on our future.

To try this requires robust management, leadership and all of us standing collectively, standing up towards those within the army industrial complicated and people who benefit and continue to push for these regime change wars and this nuclear arms race. The one thing that may overcome these highly effective forces that have dominated over each parties in Washington for much too long are us.  We, the individuals are the one ones who’ve the facility to make this variation.  No one else is going to do it for us,

We can’t overlook or underestimate the facility that we’ve in our own arms and we can’t take frivolously the threats that we face within the pressing need for us to face up, converse out, and ensure that our voices are heard now. Not tomorrow, not next yr, not in five years or 10 years. Now our future is in our palms. I ask in your help.

I ask you to stand with me so that collectively we will tackle these challenge and form a shiny future for each single certainly one of us.

Within the Q & A following the speech, one individual asked about Bernie Sanders and her faith. Her response was as follows:

Bernie remains a superb good friend and I feel he brings such an necessary voice to this country and the conversations that we’re having.

My determination to run for president was really based mostly on the popularity that an important job that a president has is as commander in chief. So the experiences that I have in serving as a soldier for almost 15 years, of being deployed to the Center East and seeing and experiencing firsthand the price of conflict and the results of the failed insurance policies of this country instantly firsthand [are crucial]. I am not someone who is going to go into the White House and sit back and rely on the overseas policy establishment in Washington to inform me what to do. I don’t need to.

That’s what differentiates me from every different candidate who’s operating for president proper now. Because I’m walking in on day one with that have both as a soldier instantly, but in addition as a member of Congress who served on the Armed Providers and Overseas Affairs committees for years, who has engaged with leaders of different nations who has held the ft to the hearth of people like the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Employees. I’m not intimidated by the celebs that someone wears on their shoulders.

I’m not intimidated by the army industrial complicated and what they are fishing for. I’m not operating for president to be president. I’m operating for president to have the ability to bring about this sea change in our overseas policy that is so essential for us and for the world.

Shortly relating to the last question, I’m a training Hindu. I apply Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. I dedicate my life to do my greatest each day, to be of service to God and to be of service to others. That pretty much sums up my religious basis and my motivation throughout my life.

One other individual asked how her younger age as probably the youngest president in US historical past and how she would cater to the wants of younger individuals.  She responded as follows:

What matters most to what I deliver to the White House and the presidency is the expertise and perspective. In 2020 millennials would be the largest demographic. Millennials will truly be that majority to determine what sort of future we would like for ourselves.

To me this isn’t about catering, that I’m going to cater to cite unquote ‘oung individuals or this group or that group. The message that I shared with you in the present day about why I’m operating and the sort of change that I search to bring about is the sort of change that serves each individual on this country, not only one group or one other, not one age or one other, one race or one other, one faith or another. That is about each single one among us.

The important thing to that, quite than pandering to at least one group or another, the type of change we’re talking about is centered around placing individuals first, putting individuals ahead of income, putting individuals ahead of politics, placing individuals ahead of the powerful, actually working and centering our insurance policies around how does this greatest serve the individuals of this country and our planet? That’s my aim. That’s my goal.