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Venezuela: US Imperialism Is Based On Lies And Threats

Venezuela: US Imperialism Is Based On Lies And Threats

We’re finishing what turned more than a week-long peace delegation to Venezuela organized by the US Peace Council and the Committee for Worldwide Solidarity in Venezuela (COSI). The journey was difficult by American Airways cancelling all flights in and overseas, leaving us scrambling for tactics to get there and get house. We additionally arrived in the midst of the attack on Venezuela’s electrical system, which prompted further problems.

Our delegation met with group groups, political events and members of the federal government, together with a personal meeting with President Maduro. One theme that turned obvious in the course of the visit is that america’ imperialism is basically weak. It relies on lies and bullying threats to get its approach. Thus far, Venezuelans are resisting the whole lot the US and its allies are throwing at it, however they remain vigilant and concerned about an escalation of assaults.

Rallying with the women oil staff outdoors the presidential palace on March 15, 2019 in Caracas.

Venezuela Unites in Response To US Assault on Electrical Grid

The assault on Venezuela’s electrical grid started on March 7 and continued for several days. The outage made life troublesome for Venezuelans. With out electrical energy, water pumps could not convey water to individuals’s houses, refrigerators weren’t working and the subway couldn’t run.

Individuals lined up to fill buckets with water. Lights have been on, however not in all places. Once we talked to residents, we discovered how they came to their neighbor’s help, sharing meals and water. Regardless of years of economic difficulties brought on by US and allied nations’ sanctions, there were no reviews of looting or unrest in Caracas. Venezuelans remained calm and regular while confronting the challenges of the blackout. Faculty and work have been cancelled until March 14, however some individuals have been out anyway and a few outlets have been open.

Maduro defined that the assault on the electrical grid got here from the USA. There’s proof it emanated from Houston, the home of the corporate that offered infrastructure for the grid, and Chicago. There were also attacks on power strains and substations inside Venezuela. When a piece was repaired, it might be attacked again.

Maduro informed us the plan had been for the attack on the electrical grid to trigger chaos and confusion to be able to present an excuse for US intervention. The plan failed. Venezuelans realized this was part of the US-led coup marketing campaign, and slightly than turning into divided, they united.

Russia confirmed the Venezuela account and stated it was supported by different evidence. The Grayzone reported on a 2010 memo about regime change in Venezuela, which included discussion of an assault on the electrical grid to trigger a blackout and chaos. The US tried to sabotage the Iranian electrical grid and has used electricity assaults in previous coups, so that is a part of the US coup playbook.

Throughout our stay, CNN additionally reported that the drone assassination attempt towards President Maduro last August was organized in Colombia and that the US was in close contact with the assassination plotters. It was additionally confirmed by the NY Occasions that it was the opposition who burned USAID vans on February 23 at the border, the day of the humanitarian assist defeat. This corroborates the report by the Grayzone Challenge the day it occurred.

The democratically-elected government of President Maduro labored to end the electrical energy crisis, provide individuals with water and meals and made positive buses have been operating. The self-appointed coup’s Juan Gaido worked with america, which brought on the blackout and their hardships. Gauido is being investigated for his involvement within the electrical attack. He’s allied with nations waging an financial struggle that’s causing financial misery, and he’s calling for overseas army intervention, a traitorous motion.

The attack mobilized more individuals within the US and around the globe to oppose the US coup calling for ‘Arms Off Venezuela,’ an finish to the sanctions and an end to threats of struggle. One other mass march in help of Venezuela is scheduled in Washington, DC on March 30.

We attended an ongoing rally outdoors the presidential palace to defend it. On Saturday, there was a mass protest of tens of hundreds of people celebrating the nation coming collectively to confront the attack on their electrical grid. Individuals have been dancing, singing and chanting their help for President Maduro. While there have been several opposition protests introduced, when a member of our delegation went to cowl them, they have been to not be discovered.

Professional-Bolivarian Process rally on Saturday, March 16, 2019 in Caracas.

The US Embassy is Pressured to Close

On Tuesday, the US Embassy in Venezuela was pressured to shut because it was being used as a middle for organizing the continued US intervention. President Maduro advised us how the US brazenly tried to bribe and threaten officers in his authorities and within the army and the way they threatened his spouse and household. The US advised the opposition to boycott the last election and advised candidates not to run towards him. They knew they might lose an election to Maduro, so the plan had all the time been to falsely claim the election was illegitimate.

Maduro needs to have a dialogue with the US however the embassy had to close as a result of not solely was it undermining his authorities however it offered justification for the US to intervene on behalf of its diplomatic employees. Venezuela plans to have dialogue with the US via its UN consultant.

When the embassy personnel left, we acquired phrase we have been “on our own.” The State Division issued a press release describing civil unrest in Caracas saying that People could possibly be arrested at any time for no cause. They warned individuals it was too harmful to return to Venezuela. This was echoed by the Airline Pilots Affiliation, who advised their pilots not to fly to Venezuela because of the risks.

The morning of these declarations, we went for a stroll in Caracas to search for unrest. Families have been out with their youngsters, individuals have been purchasing and eating pizza, and ice cream. Caracas is as lively and protected as any massive metropolis in america. Members of our delegation described on this video the calm in Caracas and the way the US was falsely claiming civil unrest to fabricate an excuse for US intervention. The individuals of Venezuela are ready for more wrestle, building a self-sufficient resistance financial system and they’ll battle to preserve their independence.

Once we talked to Venezuelans, one thing they generally informed us was ‘thank you for coming to Venezuela, now you possibly can inform individuals in the USA the truth about our nation when your politicians and media lie about us.’ The Venezuelan individuals need a good relationship with the individuals of america. President Maduro informed us of his love for america and the way he had pushed by means of Chinatown, Little Italy, and Harlem in New York, visited many cities within the US, was provided a contract to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and loves basketball and Jimi Hendrix.

Maduro has provided to satisfy with President Trump to discuss and resolve their differences. His Overseas Secretary met with John Bolton — a fruitless meeting, but an try by Venezuela for dialogue. Venezuela needs a constructive relationship with the USA nevertheless it won’t surrender its sovereignty, independence, or delight, and is prepared to struggle a US coup.

Arms Of Venezuela March in Washington, DC on March 16, 2019 (by Ted Majdosz)

Guaido Is the Butt of Jokes In Venezuela, Not Professional Beneath the Structure

We have been invited to be within the viewers of probably the most widely-watched tv present in Venezuela. It is a exceptional political education-entertainment show hosted by the president of the National Constituent Meeting, Diosdado Cabello. The show, Con el Mazo Dando (loosely translated as “Hitting with a Membership”), is a weekly five-hour present that combines politics with music and comedy. Through the show, he coated 80 totally different news stories together with a chronology of the electrical attack.

Cabello uses biting satire. Guaido was the punch line of many jokes and his alliance with the hated Trump administration was highlighted. Gauido does not have the respect of the individuals of Venezuela. He’s turning into of little use to the US coup and can probably be discarded in the close to future.

While Guaido has overtly dedicated multiple crimes, the Maduro administration appears to have made a acutely aware choice to not arrest him as his actions are weakening him and exposing the coup’s connection to US and western imperialism.

One factor that was highlighted to us in Venezuela was that the self-appointment of Guaido violates the Venezuelan Constitution. The language of the Venezuelan Constitution is obvious relating to when the president of the Nationwide Meeting can turn into president and none of these circumstances have been met. The coup depends on Article 233 of the Structure, which permits the president of the National Meeting to turn out to be president only if the president-elect

develop into[s] completely unavailable to serve by purpose of any of the next occasions: dying; resignation; removing from workplace by choice of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice [equivalent of impeachment]; permanent bodily or psychological disability licensed by a medical board designated by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice with the approval of the Nationwide Meeting; abandonment of his place, duly declared by the Nationwide Meeting; and recall by widespread vote.

None of those circumstances exist. And, in the event that they did exist, the vice chairman would take energy until there’s an election. Not only is Guaido a self-appointed president, but he’s illegally self-appointed. In a press briefing, Elliot Abrams admitted that Guaido is just not “capable of exercise the powers of the office as a result of Maduro still is there.”

The State Department has been pressuring the media to name Guaido the “interim president” and to not call him “self-appointed” or “opposition chief” although he has no presidential powers and no legitimacy underneath Venezuelan regulation. Any media that succumbs to this strain is collaborating in a dangerous farce that’s a part of a US-led coup.

This contrasts with the legitimacy of President Maduro. This week, worldwide election observers wrote the European Union telling them they have been “unanimous in concluding that the elections have been carried out fairly, that the election circumstances were not biased.” They described EU claims as “fabrications of probably the most disgraceful type.” We described intimately the legitimacy of the elections and other essential details activists have to find out about this US coup.

Singing and dancing as individuals arrive for “Con El Mazo Dando” (by Margaret Flowers)

Solidarity With Venezuela Is Essential

The individuals of Venezuela have proven their solidarity in standing together towards the US and oligarch coup attempt. It’s important for many who consider in peace, justice and anti-imperialism to do the same.

We agree with Vijay Prashad, solidarity is a process, not a slogan. We plan to construct on the relationships we developed with the US Peace Council, World Peace Council and COSI among others. We’ll present an inventory of things that COSI wants for his or her ongoing organizing in Venezuela, but thus far they advised us they need computer systems, printers and paper. Additionally they want donations (a bit goes a great distance). They don’t have an internet site yet. When you can donate, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll discover a method to get it to them.

The primary steps in building solidarity embrace demanding the top to all interference: ending US imperialism and stopping army intervention and conflict. It additionally means an finish to the financial warfare, sanctions, blocking of finances and the embargo. On a close to every day basis, it requires us to right the report and confront the lies on which US imperialism is predicated. We’ll proceed to submit stories on Venezuela frequently and we urge you to re-post them to social media, e-mail networks, and websites.

We will defeat the regime change narrative by getting out the truth. Be a part of the nationwide webinar on Venezuela on March 26 at 7:00 pm Japanese. Register here. And be a part of the national webinar on NATO and Latin America on March 28 at 8:00 pm Japanese. Register here. We could have extra reviews from our meetings in Venezuela posted on Common Resistance.

Be a part of the March 30 Mobilization Towards the US Coup in Venezuela and the No to NATO protests in Washington, DC.

It is evident the US coup is weak. They’ve a weak leader in Guaido. They depend upon lies as a result of the reality undermines their every flip. They can’t take part in elections as a result of they have little or no democratic help. This contrasts with the power of Maduro, who has the help of the individuals. The favored movement is positioned to cease the Venezuela coup and stop a army assault. Our solidarity efforts in the US might forestall them from having to endure more.