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Western Media portrays Hong Kong Hooligans as Heroes: but are they?

Western Media portrays Hong Kong Hooligans as Heroes: but are they?

Each time Hong Kong protesters are destroying public property, there are not any cameras of Western media retailers in sight. But when police determine to intervene, protecting their metropolis, Western media crusaders emerge in full drive.

On September 15, 2019, large US flags have been waving in the air. An enormous demonstration, consisting of primarily younger individuals, was shifting up from the previous British-built downtown space of the town in the direction of the US Consulate Common, typically erroneously referred to as the “embassy.”

The temperature was properly over 30 levels Celsius, but the variety of ‘protesters’ stored rising. Most of the fundamental arteries in Hong Kong have been solely blocked.

Western Press in Action

Western media have been there in full pressure, sporting yellow fluorescent vests, their ‘Press’ insignia, helmets and masks. They mingled with the gang, filming US flags, clearly having fun with the show.

“President Trump, Please Liberate Hong Kong,” I read on a number of posters.

“Liberate from whom?” I requested a cluster of protesters, all of them in ninja outfits, metallic bars of their arms, black scarves overlaying their faces.

A number of of them replied, mumbling one thing incomprehensible. One woman shouted defiantly:

“From Beijing!”

“However Hong Kong is China, isn’t it?” I asked. “How might it’s liberated from itself?”

“No! Hong Kong is Hong Kong!” came a ready-made reply.

Oh, Trump, liberate them!

Close by, I noticed British Union Jack, with previous colonial-era Hong Kong coat of arms.

The large demonstration was clearly treasonous. Its members delivered a petition to the US consulate common, demanding that the US Congress move legislation that might require its authorities to watch and determine whether or not Hong Kong is ‘autonomous sufficient’ from the PRC, and whether or not it ought to then qualify for US trade and economic benefits.

Everywhere in the downtown space, tons of of ‘ninjas’ have been shouting pro-Western slogans. Right here British-era HK flags have been being waved, alongside the US flags.

I approached a younger couple among the many protesters, who have been resting on a bench:

“Do your mates understand how brutal, undemocratic and oppressive was British rule? Do they know in what misery many Hong Kong citizens needed to reside in that era? And about censorship, humiliation…?”

“No!” They shouted at me, outraged. “It’s all propaganda!”

“Whose propaganda?” I questioned.

“The propaganda of Beijing!”

At the least they spoke some English. A weird thing about Hong Kong is that, whereas some individuals here want to (or are maybe paid to say that they’d need to?) have the British colonial administration back, an excellent majority of the individuals hardly converse any English now, whereas also refusing to speak Mandarin. Little marvel that Hong Kong is shortly dropping its edge to the pro-Chinese language and highly cosmopolitan Singapore!

But the demonstration was not where ‘the motion’ actually was and I knew it, intuitively.

The flag-waving march was an enormous staged event for the Western mass media.

There, ‘pro-democracy’ slogans have been chanted in an orderly manner. Nothing was burned, vandalized or dismantled wherever Western press cameras have been current!

A number of blocks away, nevertheless, I witnessed monstrous vandalizing, of one of the entrances to the Central subway (MTR) station. Hooligans who name themselves ‘protesters’ have been ruining public property, a transportation system utilized by hundreds of thousands of citizens each day.

Attack on Central Station

Whereas they have been at it, additionally they dismantled public metallic railings that separate sidewalks from roadways. Metallic bars from this railing have been later utilized for additional attacks towards the town infrastructure, in addition to towards the police.

Umbrellas within the arms of ‘protesters’ have been masking the crime scene. Umbrellas just like those used in 2014, in the course of the earlier, so-called ‘Umbrella Uprising.’

Before burning the shop

No overseas reporters have been in sight! This was not for the world. This was raw, real, and brutal.

“Don’t film!” coated mouths began shouting at me.

I stored filming and photographing. I used to be not sporting any press jacket or helmet or Press insignia. I never do, anyplace on the earth.

They left me alone; too busy destroying the road. As they have been dismantling public property, their backpacks, full of moveable players, have been regurgitating the US national anthem.

Attackers nicely outfitted

My good friend from Beijing wrote me a quick message:

They are promoting their very own nation and other people. We’ve very dangerous words for them in Chinese.

However it isn’t solely mainland China that is disgusted with what is occurring in Hong Kong. Three major Hong Kong-based newspapers, Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao and Hong Kong Business Every day, are all pro-Beijing, pro-police and are defining ‘protesters’ as “rioters” or “troublemakers” (in Chinese language).

Among the many massive ones, solely Ming Pao and Apple Every day, that are traditionally anti-Beijing, are defining ‘protesters’ as ‘gatherers’, ‘protesters’ and even “liberators.”

Local citizens are mainly (as they’d been through the 2014 riots) hostile to the ‘protests’ but are scared to confront the mainly young, coated and armed (with metallic bars and golf equipment) gangs. Some tried to, even in a luxurious mall within the middle of the town, and have been brutally crushed.

‘Protesters’ appear to be on adrenalin, and in a extremely militant temper. They collect and transfer in hordes. Most of them refuse to speak.

Democracy, really?

What is essential to know is that, while the rioters try to spread the message that they are ‘preventing for democracy,’ they are truly highly illiberal to all those who disagree with their objectives. In truth, they are violently attacking these with totally different opinions.

Moreover, and this I have to spell out, after overlaying protests in actually a whole lot of cities worldwide, from Beirut to Lima, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Paris, Cairo, Bangkok and Jakarta: what is occurring in Hong Kong is extremely delicate in terms of police responses! Hong Kong police run properly and fast. It created human chains, flashed a whole lot of mild and sporadically used tear fuel. It defends itself when attacked. However violence?

When you examine police actions here to these in Paris, it is all politeness and softness. Hardly any rubber bullets. Tear fuel is ‘trustworthy’ and never combined with lethal chemical compounds, like it is in many different places, and administered in small doses. No water cannon spitting liquid filled with urine and excrement, as in lots of other cities of the world. Trust me: I’m an professional in tear fuel. In Istanbul, through the Gezi Park uprising, protesters had to use fuel masks, so did I. In any other case you’d faint or end up in a hospital. Individuals are also fainting in Paris. Nobody is fainting here; this is delicate stuff.

Ready to go

As for the ‘different aspect,’ the level of violence from the protesters is excessive. They are paralyzing the town, ruining hundreds of thousands of lives. The number of overseas arrivals in Hong Kong is down 40 %. Reception on the Mandarin Oriental Lodge, which is true subsequent to Sunday’s battles, advised me that a lot of the rooms at the moment are empty, and through the ‘occasions’, the lodge is minimize off from the world.

And what about their traitorous demands? Would this be accepted anyplace on the planet? Flying flags of a overseas country (on this case, of the USA) and demanding intervention?

Hong Kong “pro-democracy activist leaders” like Joshua Wong are clearly colluding with Western interests and governments. He and others are spreading, continuously, what anyplace else can be described as pretend news. For example, “My town is the new Cold Warfare’s Berlin,” he just lately declared. Sure, perhaps, however not because of the HK government, however because of his personal actions and the actions of individuals like himself.

Protection of events by Western mass media is clearly selective and that is placing it mildly. Truly, many media retailers from Europe and North America are ‘adding gasoline to the hearth.’ They’re encouraging rioters whereas exaggerating the actions of local police. I’m monitoring and filming their work and what I see is outrageous!

I’m scripting this report in Tai Kwun Middle. Now world-famous artwork complicated (of  the “new, Chinese language Hong Kong”), this was the Central Police Station underneath the British occupation, as well as so-called Victoria Prison Compound.

Mr. Edmond, who works for the middle, explains:

If there was a referendum now, the so-called protesters wouldn’t win. They might lose. That is an inner concern of China, and it must be handled as such. A continuation of the 2014 occasions. What changed this time is that the protesters are opting for extreme violence now. Individuals of Hong Kong are scared; frightened of them, not of the authorities.

Right here, prisoners have been confined and executed, during British rule. Not distant from right here, monstrous slums have been housing deprived topics of the queen. After the Brits left, those slums have been transformed to public parks.

Life in Hong Kong improved. Not as fast as in neighboring Shenzhen or Guangzhou, nevertheless it improved. The rationale Hong Kong is being ‘left behind’ is because of its antiquated British-era laws, rules and laws, its extreme capitalist system; due to “too little of Beijing”, not “because of an excessive amount of of it.”

These hooligans are going towards the pursuits of their very own individuals, and their own individuals at the moment are cursing them. Not loudly, but, as rioters have clubs and metallic bars, but cursing.

Western media chooses to not hear these curses. But China is aware of. It hears. I hear Hong Kong individuals, too.

Chinese language curses are terrifying, powerful. And they do not dissolve in skinny air.

• All photographs by Andre Vltchek

• First revealed by RT – Russia At the moment