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Yamaha NU1X review: Best Hybrid Piano?

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What’s the greatest digital piano you should purchase in your beginning piano scholar?  On your advanced scholar who needs to continue critical music research? On your studio house?  On your huge home and large family with plenty of potential students?  These situations might have many and various solutions.  These situations may be answered with only one sort of piano, and it is probably not a digital.

There’s a new and improved sort of piano available on the market now, and it simply might meet your needs it doesn’t matter what your state of affairs could also be.  This piano is known as a hybrid piano.  And in this Yamaha NU1X evaluate, we’re going to dive deep into not only what a hybrid piano is, but why this digital piano is among the most impressive pianos available on the market.

To raised aid you decide if the Yamaha NU1X is the best piano on your needs, take a look at our interactive table under that permits you to immediately examine the NU1X to different notable pianos available on the market.

Photograph Mannequin # of Keys Weight Worth Score
Yamaha NU1X 88 $$$ Excessive-end Hybrid Piano ★★★★★
Yamaha P-515 88 $$$ Pure Wooden X Key Action ★★★★
Yamaha YDP-144 88 $$$ GHS action, CFX Grand Piano Voice ★★★★
Yamaha YDP-164 88 $$$ GH3 action, CFX Grand Piano Voice ★★★★
Yamaha YDP-184 88 $$$ Graded Hammer three Motion (GH3) ★★★★
Yamaha YDP-S54 88 $$$ GHS weighted action ★★★★★
Yamaha Clavinova Csp-150 Polished Ebony 88 $$$ GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard action ★★★★
Yamaha Clavinova Clp-625 Console Digital Piano With Bench Black 88 $$$ Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Samples ★★★★★
Casio PX-870 88 $$$ Redesigned Cupboard, Speaker System ★★★★
Yamaha DGX 660 Yamaha DGX-660 88 $$ Graded Hammer Normal (GHS) Keyboard ★★★★★
Yamaha P-125 88 $$ GHS Weighted Action ★★★★★

Earlier than we get into brands and costs and options and all these particulars, let’s define some terms used in the piano world.  Then we’ll talk about brands, and so on.  Listed here are some necessary terms and some essential instruments to speak about:

  • Acoustic
  • Electric keyboard
  • Electrical piano
  • Digital pianos
  • Hybrid pianos


An acoustic piano is the type your great-grandmother played, in all probability.  Simply, an acoustic piano is a piano that isn’t plugged in or able to being plugged in.  It makes use of hammers hooked up to picket keys that carry the hammers, which then strike from one to 3 strings.  This produces the sound of a piano.  

Acoustic pianos are typically very heavy, particularly a big upright piano or a grand piano.  They shouldn’t be moved typically, as shifting an acoustic piano with all of its delicate shifting elements may cause the tuning to exit.  An acoustic piano should never be positioned towards an outdoor wall of a house or condo because the outside surroundings might have an effect on its tuning, the hammer pads, or any variety of different elements of the acoustic piano.

Humidity levels around the piano ought to be maintained at about 42% to preserve the wood elements, felts, and strings for the longest life potential.

 For optimum sound, an acoustic piano ought to be tuned a few times a yr, every year, for the life of the piano.  As some pianos might have a lifespan of a century or extra, that’s some huge cash spent on tuning! 

A player piano matches this category, especially if it’s the variety that makes use of foot pedals to power the player mechanism.  Your good old style upright piano, spinet piano, and grand piano all match this categorization as properly.

The only voices an acoustic piano is able to producing is a piano voice—just one.

Under, please take a moment to view a number of the greatest selling digital pianos at present on sale at Amazon (and see how nicely they stack up to the Yamaha NU1X):

  1. Yamaha YDP-144
  2. Casio PX-870
  3. Yamaha P-515
  4. Yamaha YDP-164
  5. Yamaha DGX-660

Electric Keyboard

You in all probability keep in mind your first glimpse at an electric keyboard.  I definitely do!  It was a bit Casio keyboard with about 20 keys that I bought for my youngsters within the early 80’s.  My youngsters acted like I had bought them a Steinway!  That keyboard is lengthy gone, however Casio and others produced a number of versions of the toy keyboard. The electrical keyboard was the “in thing” for music bands within the 70’s, 80’s, and later.

Roland made some nice electric keyboards beginning within the mid- to late 60’s following the built-in circuitry inventions.  Even right now, if a band needs to get some “sick” sounds for their music, they’ll shop for a Roland keyboard/synthesizer because of the portability of the instruments, the prices that make buying these keyboards easier than ever before, and the varied sounds they want.

Electric Pianos

My satisfaction and joy in 1975 was a delightful Wurlitzer 64-key electrical piano.  This beige-colored piano was dragged everywhere in the state I lived in for the gigs I performed with my bandmates.  The Wurlitzer electrical piano was a staple in bands from the early 70’s to the early 80’s. 

The sound is produced by hammers putting metallic reeds, inducing current by way of a pickup.  These pianos labored similarly to the Roland pianos, but they sounded considerably totally different.  Take heed to any pop track within the time interval and also you’ll in all probability hear the bell-like sounds of a Wurlitzer.

Digital Pianos

Yamaha developed its first digital piano, the Clavinova, in 1983.  Yamaha has been a pacesetter in the subject of musical instruments for properly over a century, and their dominance continues right now.  When you’re out there strictly for a digital piano, the Clavinova is the most effective Yamaha digital piano on the earth, for my part. 

I owned one for over 25 years, and it was sturdy, practical, and a true joy to play.  At present’s Clavinovas and digital pianos are tremendously above that early Clavinova in know-how, sound, and features provided.

A digital piano is a kind of piano that is lightweight in comparison with an acoustic piano.  It reproduces the sound of a piano by digital means and very often provides many more sounds and rhythm tracks along with its unique perform as a piano.  Digital pianos typically resemble grand pianos or spinet pianos in appearance, slightly than the synthesizer keyboard.

Digital pianos can range in worth from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of hundreds of dollars, depending upon the model, measurement, mannequin, options provided, and sound methods built into the piano.  The most effective brands determined by sales are those manufactured by the aforementioned Yamaha, Kawai, Casio, Roland and Korg.  We’ll be talking a few Yamaha line of digital pianos shortly.

Hybrid Pianos

A hybrid piano is its personal special class of piano.  It isn’t what is called a Silent Piano, which is merely an acoustic piano with a couple of digital options added on.  A hybrid piano is a mixing of acoustic mechanisms with digital know-how. 

This mixing leads to a powerful instrument that doesn’t simply resemble the motion of an acoustic piano; it truly has the motion of an acoustic piano with out the load of the strings or the forged iron plate to which the strings are hooked up.  (It’s the cast iron plate that provides the standard acoustic piano nearly all of its weight.  Strings would warp some other sort of floor.)

The hybrids I’ve performed all used the important thing and hammer features of an acoustic piano.  Totally different manufacturers utilize totally different woods, pivot factors, and digital know-how to supply the sounds specific to their hybrid devices.

So now that you’ve some definitions, let’s speak about some specific pianos.

Casio Celviano hybrid

The first hybrid piano I ever performed was a Casio Celviano hybrid.  Was I shocked!  The last time I played a Casio digital piano, I used to be very disenchanted by its lack of quality…greater than three many years ago.  This lovely Casio Celviano hybrid piano amazed me with its genuine piano “really feel” in the important thing motion.  I had never heard of hybrids, so I was pleasantly stunned by this new “thing” within the digital piano world.

Casio calls theses pianos the Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos, which model three of probably the most well-known grand pianos on the planet: the Berlin, the Hamburg, and the Vienna.  The Grand Hybrid piano line gives the digital sampling of all three pianos in its collection of Grand Hybrids, consisting of the GP 300, GP 400, and the GP 500 pianos. 

These pianos supply full-length Austrian spruce piano keys and a six-speaker sound system.  The important thing action emulates that of a grand piano up to the point the place the hammers strike strings; on this hybrid piano, the hammers strike digital sensors that relay the sound and depth to the computerized piano.

The top of the road, the GP 500, retails for about $6,000.  In all probability not a sensible choice for a beginning scholar, but I might say this piano would undoubtedly go well with the wants of an intermediate or advanced scholar who needs to proceed their musical schooling.  I give this piano 4.25 out of 5 stars for its playability, clean and authentic contact and broad piano sound.

Kawai Hybrids

The Kawai Novus NV10 is one in every of Kawai’s top-of-the-line hybrid pianos.  The Novus NV10 is more accurately a digital hybrid piano.  As Kawai explains on their website, a digital hybrid piano is a complicated digital piano that integrates acoustic mechanisms to offer an genuine really feel/contact to a digital piano.

I was impressed with the NV10, specifically its contact.  Whereas the Casio Celviano felt good to my fingers, the NV10 seemed a step above the Casio.  This piano impressed with its headphone options, as nicely.  Its Spatial Headphone Sound provides the musician the impression that the sounds emanating via the headphones are actually coming from the piano, somewhat than the headphones.  The NV10 has a 7-speaker sound system as nicely.  

I didn’t actually look after the look of this piano.  It appeared confused between the look of a grand and the look of a transportable digital.  I actually like the sound and the touch of this piano, nevertheless, so I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Yamaha NU1X vs. Clavinova CLP line

That is moderately like evaluating apples to oranges.  I really like all things Clavinova, although I do have my favorites within the Clavinova family.  (The CSP 150, for example, is my absolute favourite Clavinova piano.)  The CLP line of Clavinovas are a few of the most reasonably priced digital pianos for the worth, especially the CLP 635.  

Most Yamaha dealers might supply a big discount on this piano to be able to present the most effective piano for the cash to a client who may be concerned about spending a lot of money on a piano, akin to a person in search of a piano for his or her baby to begin to review piano.  The CLP 634 often retails for about $2,000, which is significantly less than any of the pianos mentioned above.

Nevertheless, the NU1X isn’t a Clavinova.  It’s Yamaha’s latest hybrid in its line they call AvantGrand. I really like this piano!  As you’ll be able to see within the photograph under, it seems to be like an upright piano.  This piano takes up a lot much less room than a grand or even a digital grand.  

The touch is probably the most authentic acoustic grand contact I’ve skilled on a piano that isn’t an acoustic grand.  This piano makes use of keys with related hammers, identical to an upright piano.  The hammers truly rise as much as strike the digital strike factors that create the sounds of a grand piano, particularly the Yamaha CFX Live performance Grand or the Bosendorfer Imperial. 

This piano additionally supports Yamaha’s Sensible Pianist app, designed for iOS or Android methods on any sort of Sensible system.  With such a Sensible system, you possibly can management any of the digital features provided, together with Audio to Score, which digitally scores your favourite songs on your play listing.  You’ll be able to entry all the voices, accompaniment types, drum and SFX package types, and lots of other options provided by way of the Sensible Pianist app.

This piano is a dream piano.  I beloved the look, I beloved the contact and sound, and I even beloved the worth tag!  The NU1X retails for about $6,000 to $7,200, depending upon whether you choose the polished ebony cabinet or the white cupboard.  This piano can be good for any scholar at any degree or for any skilled.  I give the NU1X 5 out of 5 stars and my highest suggestion.

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